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1. A self-important government official who holds several positions but performs little or no actual duties. The term comes from the character Pooh-Bah, Lord-High-Everything-Else, from The Mikado, a comic opera by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. Only that pooh-bah in the cabinet could hold so many titles and do so little.
2. The most important or powerful person in a group, organization, business, or movement (e.g., the boss, leader, etc.). I think it sounds like a great idea, but you'll have to ask the pooh-bah first.


1. noun An outright dismissal of some argument as being unworthy of consideration or debate. My idea could save the company millions, but I'm still expecting a pooh-pooh from the board of directors because of how radical it is.
2. verb To dismiss something outright, without any due consideration or debate. Don't pooh-pooh her idea before she's had the chance to explain the ins and outs of it! He's always pooh-poohing his assistant's ideas.
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tv. to belittle someone or something. He tends to pooh-pooh things he doesn’t understand.


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