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poodle along

To move or travel forward or along something in a leisurely, indirect, or lackadaisical manner. Primarily heard in UK. I hate getting stuck behind cyclists who just poodle along like they have nowhere to be. We poodled along the high street, taking our time to look at the window displays of all the boutique stores.
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poodle around

1. To move or travel around (some place) in an aimless or lackadaisical manner. Primarily heard in UK. We spent the entire afternoon poodling around the city center. We went to the market and poodled around for a while, stopping every so often when something caught our eye.
2. To spend time doing things with very little purpose, planning, or importance, especially in an aimless, idle, or lackadaisical manner. Primarily heard in UK. I just sort of poodled around after college, hopping from one minimum-wage job to another. Your father loves being able to poodle around and indulge in his various hobbies now that he's retired.
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