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Parents were angry after waiting with their young children for more than four hours for the My Little Pony Friendship Tour.
In the pilgrimage, sometimes, our pony dies in an accident causing us huge loss.
We have had the pony for five years and the kids are very attached to him.
The pony was mostly black in colour and had a little white on his back.
You can care for your pony the way that you think is best.
If they want to come here and listen to a pit pony coughing I'd be pleased to meet them.
Since pony racing was formally introduced in 2004, over 70 graduates have progressed to ride in point-to-points and under rules.
So, as I say, for many children owning a pony is a dream come true.
In its suit filed in April, Pony had been asking for triple damages for willful infringement, statutory, exemplary and punitive damages, profits and attorneys' fees.
A unique contribution to the growing library of adult sexual instructional literature, "The Human Pony" by Rebecca Wilcox provides an informed and informative discussion identifying the nature of 'pony play', pony and trainer headspace, fetish equipment appropriate for 'pony play', the training of a human pony, scene development for 'pony play', grooming and handling of the human pony, and even do-it-yourself community events with respect to this specialized fetish.
Each winner will get a Pony Camp Adventure Playset, a Wild West Wagon and Pony Playset and a Wild West Pony and Cowgirl assortment.
LOCAL riders will be among those vying for a place in the line up at the 2008 Pony Club Dengie League Winter Show Jumping Championships this weekend at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell, with the equine centre unaffected by the recent fire there.
Her dream to own a pony eventually comes true and she finds a special new friend, Reesa.