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worth pondering

Deserving of consideration. A: "I did so well on my report card that I think I should be allowed to borrow the car tomorrow night." B: "Hmm, it's worth pondering."
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ponder (up)on something

to think on something; to consider something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Ponder upon this awhile. See what you come up with. I need to ponder on this.
See also: on, ponder
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The signing of this agreement with Lovell marks an important step forward in the continuing regeneration of Ponders End High Street, said Councillor Alan Sitkin, Enfield Council s cabinet member for economic development, This scheme will help to provide work and training for local people and will make Ponders End an even more attractive local shopping centre.
Ponders seems to capitalize on her reading of newspapers, building her story around current events starting in 2003.
Ponders makes it into a three-sided conflict with Waller arguing a principled but pragmatic approach, Metz representing the far-right evangelists, and General Long keeping a careful eye on her chances of making a fourth star by keeping a lid on the situation.
We must honestly ponder what they see, and what we want them to learn from it.
The Electric Quarter scheme named in honour of electric light bulb inventor Joseph Swan who lived on Ponders End High Street was awarded to Lovell through a competitive tendering process.
Lovell regional director Peter Taylor says: It is exciting to bring our expertise in delivering large-scale, complex urban regeneration programmes to this major mixed use project for Ponders End.
E-mail is used, in both cases, to solidify growing bonds between the main characters who share their life stories, ponder the conundrums of life and death, and look for God.
PHOTO (1--3--Color) At top, Bill Becher of Westlake Village ponders the unnamed waterfall south of Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa in Newbury Park.
Those who gaze upon them are energized with the will to ponder, an attribute that can all too frequently be forsaken in the concrete jungle and its workaday regimen.
The average Los Angeleno no doubt ponders much, in the idle commute time leaving the Valley on the 405 or 101.
As we ponder over any treasured activities from this Christmas, what would they be?
Whatever the case, we can ponder the same sentiment Mary had that Christmas: God is with us.