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ponder on (something)

To give great consideration to something; to ruminate or think about something very deeply. We sat pondering on various ways to improve our business model when Janet suddenly came up with a brilliant idea. Well, your review has certainly given me plenty to ponder on.
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worth pondering

Deserving of consideration. A: "I did so well on my report card that I think I should be allowed to borrow the car tomorrow night." B: "Hmm, it's worth pondering."
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ponder (up)on something

to think on something; to consider something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Ponder upon this awhile. See what you come up with. I need to ponder on this.
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the mixed found myself what could be they cover between point But just as I was pondering my parental redundancy, this message came through - in her usual capitals when she wants to add emphasis: "THE CHECK OIL LIGHT CAME ON AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO".
I found myself pondering what could be so important they cover their mouths between every point
A similar lack of pondering surrounded the dismissal of the Government's Chief Scientist, deteriorating, as it often does, into the usual media political row about Ministerial power.
Why is it that football managers insist on pondering the next game before winning the one being played?
Wyevale was responding to reports which said private equity firm Bridgepoint was once again pondering an offer and has appointed Greenhill, the boutique investment bank, as an adviser.
But in a sense there is one anyway, and it is worth pondering where it leads, and where, at any given time, we might be along it.
And I am left blessed, like the psalmist who says after pondering the mystery of God, "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is so high that I cannot attain it" (Psalm 139:6).
And this pondering of God's mercy is ever linked to praising and thanking God for the Passover mystery into which we have been baptized and of which we partake as a holy communion.
Wake-Up Call: I awoke one morning/With a strong sense of longing/in my heart.//I have everything./A great family/A great house/A great car/Accomplishment and renown.//Yet somehow it all seems/shallow and empty,/Materialistic and over done.//For spiritually I have been shaken/Physically weaken from pondering the question,/What have they done?//It was in that very moment/A realization did come./That the world has many illusions/And now I have none.
While those jailed at Teesside Crown Court yesterday ponder the cruel nature of their capture they might also get around to pondering the 'fairness' of supplying addictive illegal Class A drugs to addicts on our streets.
Pondering nine theories currently being debated by scientists, politicians, and the public alike, Ehrlich scientifically evaluates each one.
Thus, Cook compares Achilles's pondering and that of Odysseus and concludes "that the two epics trace an evolution of heroic thought from the elimination of self-division that issues in an action to a circular motion of the mind that brings temporal processes to completion" (28).
A rousing good story that will leave the reader pondering bigger mysteries.
After reading and pondering the Word of God, we are invited to move into the region of the heart.
You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em-but keep in mind that an ounce of intuition trumps a pound of pondering, hands down.