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ponder on (something)

To give great consideration to something; to ruminate or think about something very deeply. We sat pondering on various ways to improve our business model when Janet suddenly came up with a brilliant idea. Well, your review has certainly given me plenty to ponder on.
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worth pondering

Deserving of consideration. A: "I did so well on my report card that I think I should be allowed to borrow the car tomorrow night." B: "Hmm, it's worth pondering."
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ponder (up)on something

to think on something; to consider something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Ponder upon this awhile. See what you come up with. I need to ponder on this.
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La FAE quartier, avec les propose de ponderer a eleves de son groupe priori tous les eleves d'age.
Ce qu'il est important de noter, pour nos presentes fins, est que le Senat a ete un element essentiel au pacte menant a la federation canadienne, que les provinces ont accepte la notion de representation par << regions >> en reconnaissance du fait que la population de chaque province devait venir ponderer la distribution des sieges senatoriaux, et que le Quebec s'est vu accorder une place importante au sein de l'appareil legislatif federal, mais pas une place unique (18).
Elle doit ponderer les influences des groupes d'interets et assurer le respect des differences culturelles, ethniques et linguistiques.
PONDERER Slovenia boss Kek PRESENTER ITV's Adrian Chiles CREST OF A WAVE Kek with his national flag - now he hopes that Capello (inset) will be waving goodbye to his World Cup dream
A notre avis, il reviendrait au legislateur de modifier la legislation afin de mieux ponderer les interets des cestui que vie avec ceux des parties contractantes.
(Of course, every such redefinition widens psychology's market and, hence, its practitioners' earning power.) In fact, psychologist Susan Blackmore, author of Consciousness: An Introduction, echoes some ponderers in the social sciences and claims the idea that we have consciousness and free will is all "delusion." Psychology is now the pseudoscience behind the art of rationalization, which lies at modern liberalism's heart.
While extroverts are getting all the attention in the workplace, introverts - the ponderers - are looking for stability and accuracy, and are less likely to take over the room and be heard, she added.
Mala Rodriguez, The Ponderers, Future Rootz: 8 p.m.
It's the kind of question that is up there with the great ponderers, like why does only one sock go missing in the wash?
Stevens' protagonists are singers, seers, ponderers, musicians, and philosophers whose recurring and vital experiences with matter usually circle the object under discussion to present a rich and specific metaphorical representation of that object so that the reader may sense what the poet and the persona sense.
Williamson has carved a career as a bardic seer while ECM are best known for polite ponderers' soundscapes.
Top of the bill were hip hop ponderers Techno Animal, a pleasing group who mixed up a storm of crunching beats and widdly whitewash of sound.