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ponder on (something)

To give great consideration to something; to ruminate or think about something very deeply. We sat pondering on various ways to improve our business model when Janet suddenly came up with a brilliant idea. Well, your review has certainly given me plenty to ponder on.
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worth pondering

Deserving of consideration. A: "I did so well on my report card that I think I should be allowed to borrow the car tomorrow night." B: "Hmm, it's worth pondering."
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ponder (up)on something

to think on something; to consider something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Ponder upon this awhile. See what you come up with. I need to ponder on this.
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"I think the main misconception of public defenders is that they don't work hard," Ponder said.
The Bible tells us that during the very first Christmas, Mary, the mother of Jesus, pondered over memories surrounding his birth that she treasured.
Part of the reason why Ponder created the show to be politically satirical was his fascination with certain political figures gaining prominence in recent elections.
But the phrase won't leave me alone: "But Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart." What words had Mary been pondering in her heart?
Ponder was pressured and knocked down by defensive end Shea McLellin and linebacker James Anderson.
Without Ponder, the Vikings were a shadow of the team that edged Green Bay 37-34 in last week's regular season finale.
Among them is a 12-acre parcel at 51224 McKenzie Highway, across the river channel from Ponder's former home.
Summary: Paris Hilton has found time to ponder over baby names at the Cannes Film Festival.
The brainchild of Gene Ponder, founder and former president of Republic Industries, Marshall, TX-based MasterCraft Wood Products offers mass-customized kitchen cabinetry targeted to the multifamily residential market.
"The Thread of Ariadne: The Sword of Consciousness" pushes people to ponder those timeless existential questions, to stretch their limits of mind and reason to just think harder than you've ever thought before.
If you doubt something is radically wrong with our current health-care system, please ponder the case of William McGuire, the departing CEO of one of the nation's largest health-care insurers, UnitedHealth Group Inc.
Any other images from the future you'd like to ponder?
There is much to ponder in Evans's paper that resuscitates many ideas from Arthur Holmes of a generation ago.
Moments Together for Living What You Believe is a Christian devotional that offers scripture, questions to ponder, and spiritual topics for discussion and shared prayer.
A second point to ponder is about peace and reconciliation.