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in (one's) pomp

At the peak of one's skill or physical ability; in one's most successful or productive period. Primarily heard in UK. In its pomp, the company developed some of the most influential video games of all times. I used to be able to bench press twice as much when I was in my pomp. When they were in their pomp, the team was almost untouchable on the pitch.
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pomp and circumstance

Celebration accompanied by traditional formalities and ceremony. Please, there's no need for all this pomp and circumstance. I'm just an ordinary guest who has come to enjoy the performance like everyone else. In the wake of the tragedy, the Queen's trip was not accompanied by the usual pomp and circumstance.
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in your pomp

in your period of greatest effectiveness; in your prime.
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pomp and circumstance

the ceremonial formality surrounding a public event.
The expression originates in Shakespeare's Othello: ‘Farewell…the royal banner, and all quality, pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war’; but its modern currency owes much to its use as the title of a set of orchestral marches ( 1901 ) by Sir Edward Elgar .
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pomp and ˈcircumstance

formal and impressive ceremony: The Prince was welcomed with warmth, but not with all the pomp and circumstance he was used to.This comes from Shakespeare’s play Othello and refers to the impressive clothes, decorations, music, etc. that are part of an official ceremony.
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Pomp recommended revising the COP method by replacing the "all-or-nothing" method under the current COP standard with a proportionate approach, rather than adopting the market-based sourcing approach proposed by the Uniformity Committee and revising the MTC regulations to better define the direct costs that are included in COP.
And yet there Pomp was, for thousands of miles down rivers and across mountains: a cradleboarded bundle, the object of fussing, worry, and delight.
The author rightly recognizes that many practices and developments described in the book created a German national identity as well: Railways indeed linked the various states, citizens did build national monuments, and the Kaiser also used the pomp and ceremony to advertise his imperial role.
Other aspiring pros include George Bradford of Maryland, Marcus Kiel of California, Brian Herring of Arizona, Pomp Braswell (a journeyman mini-tourist sponsored by the Harlem Globetrotters), plus North Carolina's Robbie Petty and Kevin Logan, the latter a 40-year-old throwback to the black golf tour era.
The new compact wet end includes a POMix compact stock processor for blending the stock ahead of the paper machine, one POMp 400 unit for degassing the white water from the wire pit, a POMlocks suction water seal pit, and a flexible cascade cleaner plant based on Cyclotech cleaners.
We have much be proud of - who else could have staged such a show of pomp and pageantry?
Not sure if we'll be thanking the networks for the never-ending celebratory coverage about her horses, houses, pomp and pageantry, but this programme at least offers some insight into the real Queen Lizzie.
After the proper pomp and circumstance surrounding last year's Toronto International Film Festival's 25th anniversary and this year's Montreal World Film Festival's 25th edition, it was the Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media's turn to celebrate its 30th anniversary with its own eclectic blend of funky style and highbrow programming.
All this blends really well on tracks like the ominous rock pomp of Jakey Moves or the electro rant of London Fashion Week.
Her major feast days are no longer celebrated with pomp and ceremony, and now even hymns honouring her have been culled from the repertoire.
`I was acutely aware that the pomp was due to my post, and that I am just an ordinary poor fellow who has the opportunity to perform a service for my country,' he wrote.
In buildings rehabbed through the now-defunct Private Ownership Management Program (POMP), many of the tenants are on Section 8.
Martha Washington, for example, was sometimes called Lady Washington because pomp and circumstance were still fresh in the collective memory of the fledgling republic.
Summary: London [UK], Aug 15 (ANI): The Indian High Commission in the United Kingdom marked the occasion of the 73rd Independence Day with great pomp and show on Thursday.
The annual event, which also doubles up as its Founders' Day, was marked with pomp and glamour as students and The Old Starehian Society alike shared memories.