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pollute (something or some place) with (something else)

To cause something to become dirtied, contaminated, or impure as a result of the introduction of something. People have been polluting this river with garbage and raw sewage for so long that it has become toxic. I just don't understand how people could pollute their bodies and minds with drugs and alcohol like that.
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slang Heavily intoxicated with drugs or alcohol. I was so polluted I couldn't even write my name legibly. My father used to spend all weekend too polluted to play with me or my siblings.
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pollute something with something

to adulterate something with something; to dirty something with something. You should not pollute the stream with chemicals. Someone polluted the sewer with automotive oil.
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mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Those guys are really polluted.
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Personally though, Dottori feels the onus should be on the individual who pollutes. He also feels there should be incentives for those who reduce their use of fossil fuels, and a tax for those who pollute by burning natural gas.
Although nuclear energy is widely believed to be unsafe and extremely dangerous, Dottori says it does not pollute, it is a clean energy, and it is safe.
Every time someone throws a piece of garbage out a car window, that pollutes the environment.
* Oil pollutes: Tankers and pipelines sometimes leak; refineries, where oil is purified, produce toxic wastes; burning oil pollutes the air.
* Energy alternatives (e.g., solar and wind power) don't pollute and will never run out.