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pollute something with something

to adulterate something with something; to dirty something with something. You should not pollute the stream with chemicals. Someone polluted the sewer with automotive oil.
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mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Those guys are really polluted.
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radio, referring to the proposed charge on polluters for each ton of carbon that they emit.
This Note examines the global convergence of the polluter pays principle by emphasizing the experiences of the United States, the European Community, and Japan.
For example, grass-roots environmentalists in general seem to agree that one of the most desirable concessions they can extract from a polluter is the right to inspect its facility and to monitor its operations.
However, a liability-based system should not be used as an economic incentive for the cleanup of old sites unless the current site owner is also the true polluter.
However, in early June, EPA proposed offering polluters a six-year extension on meeting emissions standards in exchange for voluntarily committing to 90-95% emission cuts before the final regulations are announced in November.
If the polluter cannot be identified or found, the owner or occupier of the land may find themselves responsible for the costs of the clean-up.
But it is not only sports cars among the worst polluters.
If polluters know that EPA doesn't have sufficient resources to pay for needed cleanups, they will drag their feet to get a better deal.
Polluter's Haven also identifies irregularities in the MOE's lists of polluters published on their website.
The United States faces new challenges in the courts over its climate policies despite denying that the world's biggest polluter is responsible for global warming.
signing did not commit the world's leading greenhouse-gas polluter to any specific actions, it was necessary to revive stalled treaty deliberations then under way in Buenos Aires, according to Stuart E.
It's a politically appealing idea since most motorists think the gross polluter is someone else - the neighbor's car with the plume of black smoke.
Faced with a positive price for these rights, each polluter has every reason to discover the cheapest method to reduce and utilize pollution.
It is refreshed daily and pulls voting records and polluter contributions for every member of Congress.
Texas is the second-biggest water polluter in the country, in terms of pounds released, according a new report.