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pollute (something or some place) with (something else)

To cause something to become dirtied, contaminated, or impure as a result of the introduction of something. People have been polluting this river with garbage and raw sewage for so long that it has become toxic. I just don't understand how people could pollute their bodies and minds with drugs and alcohol like that.
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slang Heavily intoxicated with drugs or alcohol. I was so polluted I couldn't even write my name legibly. My father used to spend all weekend too polluted to play with me or my siblings.
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pollute something with something

to adulterate something with something; to dirty something with something. You should not pollute the stream with chemicals. Someone polluted the sewer with automotive oil.
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mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Those guys are really polluted.
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In response, Mary Anne Hitt, Director of Sierra Clubs Beyond Coal campaign, released the following statement: Scott Pruitt is again trying to sell our safety to industrial polluters who funded his boss campaign, and this time it is by weakening science-based clean water protections against toxic coal ash.
But the opposition proposes that Australia cut emissions by paying major polluters taxpayer-funded incentives to reduce pollution and by planting 20 million trees.
He said the Environment Agency's next step was to calculate what the percentage liability of the various polluters was - but he refused to put a timescale on when investigations would be finished.
This vacuum has meant that two of the three traditional ways in which polluters have been called to account--through public outrage and private lawsuits--have gained no traction.
It is unclear what has encouraged the adoption of the polluter pays principle in the United States, the European Community, and Japan.
Polluters who spoil the North East landscape will now have to pay for the environmental damage they cause.
Sierra Legal managing lawyer Jerry DeMarco adds, "The court has reinforced the importance of ensuring that polluters, and not the community, bear the full cost of cleaning up contaminated brownfield sites like the one in Levis, Quebec.
Air pollution controls were enacted when the problem reached the nuisance stage, but, because means of enforcement were not provided, polluters merely responded by making empty promises.
In some cases, a polluter could quickly conduct an audit after it finds out it is the target of an external enforcement investigation.
Of course, benefits do not always materialize after the polluter begins operations.
The application of Superfund law suggests that the ownership class harvested substantial benefits, and now those same polluters must pay; hence the political popularity of the "polluter pays" principle, which justifies the assignment of retroactive liability to the ownership class.
In a "Serious" air-pollution region, you're a major" polluter if you emit only 50 TPY, and you have nine years to clean up your act.
READ: Greenpeace: PH is third worst plastic polluter of oceans
That's all it is: It is a polluter protection bill.
Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Rajiv Pratap Rudy citing the example of US making British Petroleum pay up Rs 90,000 crore for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico asked whether there was any designated agency, which would seek compensation from the polluter.