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pollute (something or some place) with (something else)

To cause something to become dirtied, contaminated, or impure as a result of the introduction of something. People have been polluting this river with garbage and raw sewage for so long that it has become toxic. I just don't understand how people could pollute their bodies and minds with drugs and alcohol like that.
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slang Heavily intoxicated with drugs or alcohol. I was so polluted I couldn't even write my name legibly. My father used to spend all weekend too polluted to play with me or my siblings.
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pollute something with something

to adulterate something with something; to dirty something with something. You should not pollute the stream with chemicals. Someone polluted the sewer with automotive oil.
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mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. Those guys are really polluted.
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The interaction between ECE and POLLUTE tests whether, as suggested by theory, investors value ECE investments conditional on the firm's environmental performance.
The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal editorialized that the manufacturing interests of the state were corrupting politics to get their way, leaving the poor to "drink bad rum," because the manufacturers continued to pollute public waters supplies, and through their "control over politics" prevented public action to protect drinking water.
Farmers have been criticized for overusing herbicides and pesticides, chemicals that kill weeds and insects but that pollute water as well.
Instead of ordering how, the government could just command how much and allow businesses to cut compliance costs - and potentially to profit - by trading licenses to pollute.
Porous asphalt also uses less tar (a petroleum product that can vaporize in the sun and pollute the air) than regular asphalt.
The message (being sent) is: Continue to pollute as much as you want,'' said Dan Hirsch of the Committee to Bridge the Gap.
If those suffering from pollution valued not being polluted more than the polluter valued being able to pollute, then the polluter would not be willing to pay enough to pollute and the pollution would cease.
And a tuned mower engine will use less fuel, pollute less and chop grass into finer particles that will break down quickly into the soil.
solar and wind power) don't pollute and will never run out.
In addition, surface impoundments can pollute groundwater by leaching and surface water by overflowing, especially during heavy rains.
Litter on the highways and freeways can find its way into storm drains and pollute waterways and the environment.
International trading of Renewable Energy Credits (REC's) allows companys, that under pollute, to sell credits to polluting companies for compliance.