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political football

A problem or situation that causes an argument between different political parties, often in an attempt to gain an advantage. It didn't take too long before the issue of property taxes turned into a political football for the candidates.
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political football

Fig. an issue that becomes politically divisive; a problem that doesn't get solved because the politics of the issue get in the way. The question of campaign contributions has become a political football. All the politicians who accept questionable money are pointing fingers at each other.
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a poˌlitical ˈfootball

an issue or a problem that causes argument and disagreement and that different political groups use to gain votes: It is sad that education is still being used as a political football, instead of action being taken to improve it.
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Scholars argue that political campaigns and advertisings play vital role to increase voter turnout and political knowledge.
Television is thought to be an important consideration when it comes to political knowledge and responsiveness.
For centuries, most of the communication between candidates and voters took place through the media of political parties and organized interest groups.
There is no straight line from the Biblical imagination to any concrete political structure or public policy, but that does not mean there is no line or connection at all.
The rigorous and thoughtful articles in this issue demonstrate the health of the subfield of political science pedagogy.
Under the Internal Revenue Service tax code, contributions to political candidates by nonprofits -- including houses of worship -- violate a prohibition against political campaign activity.
Political life in Oaxaca (and by implication, in Mexico more generally) underwent a dramatic cultural transformation between 1750 and 1850, according to Guardino, from a dependence on royal sovereignty to popular sovereignty, from subjecthood to citizenship for (male) individuals, and from colonial rule to republican government based on electoral politics.
Companies occasionally experienced reductions in revenue or operating losses resulting from political risks associated with regime change, social unrest, debt defalcation or currency devaluations.
Political activities by charitable organizations are absolutely prohibited.
Abramoff also poured substantial sums into religious causes, although the money was invariably contaminated by his political dealings.
It's obvious that 150,000 potential new voters who may in fact be African American would be enthusiastically welcomed in the political landscape of Texas, but my focus is that they possibly return to Louisiana to be engaged in that political landscape.
It may seem like an obscure regulatory system that has very little effect on our daily lives, or even our political lives.
The value of a rising standard of living lies not just in the concrete improvements it brings to how individuals live but in how it shapes the social, political, and ultimately the moral character of a people.
Keywords: welfare reform, higher education, public assistance, welfare recipients, organizing, political culture
Despite a wholesale move to democratic capitalism across the region, political crises in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador are creating untold hazards that may well lead to significant business losses.