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the body politic

The inhabitants of a nation taken together as a political entity. How do you think the body politic will vote in this election?
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body politic

the people of a country or state considered as a political unit. The body politic was unable to select between the candidates.
See also: body, politic
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He said in prevailing global political scenario, nothing is considered as last word or final in politics and there is always a room for flexibility for the promotion of decent democratic norms.
Perspectiva retoricii reprezinta dimensiunea nu numai folositoare unei analize complete a limbajului politic, dar este si locul unde putem intelege motivul pentru care lucrurile se intampla intr-un anumit fel in destinul unei tari.
Bodies politic are constituted by the imbrications of the social and the somatic - that is, by the interplay of bodies, minds, and social settings.
SIR - Not least as a Politics graduate and sometime LLB student, I stayed awake to listen to the BBC Wales coverage of the General Election results.
But one wonders how this judgment is consistent with his project: in what way does securing the option for disengagement reflect a politics of engagement?
We weren't then, and we aren't now shy about giving our opinions about the body politic and advocating for the things we believe are important for Northerners.
Ably translated into English by Thomas Nugent in 1748, this edition of "The Principles Of Natural And Politic Law" by Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui (1964-1748) is expertly edited and enhanced with an Introduction by Petter Korman (Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies and Postdoctoral Researcher in Philosophy at the Academy of Finland) and part of the Liberty Fund's outstanding 'Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics' series.
In order to insert the personal income tax into the body politic, assurances were given that the top tax bracket of 7 percent would never be raised.
And headlines about CEO compensation continue to rile the body politic (even though people seem to accept the fact that the New York Yankees had a payroll of more than $200 million and couldn't win a pennant).
In Getting to Amen, Lora-Ellen McKinney addresses the incompatible ideas that arise in any body politic, and offers advice on acknowledging and overcoming conflict.
Molly Nesbit has limned how Atget's decision to put his work in historiographic and library repositories troubles his project's being taken as simply aesthetic, emphasizing its crucial, politic toil.
If it does not fight that death curt, that cancer, within its own body politic, it is going to infect Muslim-Western relations everywhere.
The continual stream of judicial decisions from activist judges, beginning in 1947 with Justice Hugo Black when he created the 'wall of separation,' have steadily eroded the rich spiritual soil of our nation, leaving a cavernous divide in our body politic.
Max Blue and Wilson Abut use Inspector Pacheco and Luz Stella as politic mouthpieces in their adventures that span the Americas, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Southern United States.
The Body Politic," with its lighthearted political theme, offers genuine, therapeutic spa treatments, packaged for the politically minded by Mandarin Oriental's spa therapy manager, Bonnie Baker.