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the body politic

The inhabitants of a nation taken together as a political entity. How do you think the body politic will vote in this election?
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body politic

the people of a country or state considered as a political unit. The body politic was unable to select between the candidates.
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Constantly referred to as a "morsel", Katrina does not originate desire herself as much as provide Ichabod with the means to enlarge both his biological body and the republican body politic (2000: 298-99).
Limbajul politic are drept destinatar intreaga populatie, ori, functie de optiunile strategice implicite, numai un segment al unei entitati comunitare asumand drept scop operational informarea ori comunicarea unor idei si intentii si, astfel, ca subsecventa subsidiara, provocarea de emotii, de consens emotiv si persuasiv.
Rejecting both Cartesian dualism and (Hobbesian) materialist determinism, autonomous systems theory, as applied to the notion of bodies politic, can be summarized by the following:
SIR - Not least as a Politics graduate and sometime LLB student, I stayed awake to listen to the BBC Wales coverage of the General Election results.
Queer, in that tradition of the Body Politic, is "brash, inspiring, pig-headed - and vital," much like CD itself.
Scale's reliability coefficient found structural frame as Cronbach Alfa; 0,76; human resources frame as Cronbach Alfa; 0,81; politic frame as Cronbach Alfa; 0,77; symbolic frame as Cronbach Alfa; 0,78 bulunmustur.
The people of Israel cohere as a nation by remaining at one in its body politic under Moses and its commitment to religious forms under God.
Interpreting the struggle for freedom primarily through their faith tradition, Southern blacks engaged the body politic with language and actions that reflected their comprehensive, densely religious ideals.
The first programme sees Colin Murphy joined by Neil Delamere, Karl Spain and new girl Taragh Loughrey Grant to cast a cold eye on the spirit level of Modern Ireland, tap the barometer of the political climate, and slip a thermometer under the tongue of the body politic.
From May 29 to June 16, BARD COLLEGE will host Dance Across Borders 2007: The Body Politic.
Unfortunately, the place of the dead in the male body politic is less clear.
We weren't then, and we aren't now shy about giving our opinions about the body politic and advocating for the things we believe are important for Northerners.
Ably translated into English by Thomas Nugent in 1748, this edition of "The Principles Of Natural And Politic Law" by Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui (1964-1748) is expertly edited and enhanced with an Introduction by Petter Korman (Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies and Postdoctoral Researcher in Philosophy at the Academy of Finland) and part of the Liberty Fund's outstanding 'Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics' series.
In order to insert the personal income tax into the body politic, assurances were given that the top tax bracket of 7 percent would never be raised.
And headlines about CEO compensation continue to rile the body politic (even though people seem to accept the fact that the New York Yankees had a payroll of more than $200 million and couldn't win a pennant).