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(as) polite as pie

Especially agreeable, considerate, and courteous. Actually, Laurie can't stand him, but she's always polite as pie to his face. My mom raised us all to be as polite as pie in the presence of company. I had no idea Tom was going through such a hard time because he was always polite as pie to me.
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a polite fiction

A general untruth or falsehood that is accepted in place of the truth to maintain politeness, civility, or stability among a given social group. Our parents' marriage was just a polite fiction in our household up until my youngest sister was off to college. By the time the military junta overthrew the dictatorship, the promise of democratic rule was little more than a polite fiction among the citizens of the country. Yeah, my mom and grandmother get along now, but the idea that they've had a pleasant relationship all this time is a polite fiction.
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polite society

1. The most affluent, powerful, or influential class in a society. The fancy awards ceremony was a chance for me to see polite society up close for a night. But those very generous tax breaks are only extended to polite society, never working people like us.
2. People who are very concerned with established social norms, manners, and etiquette. In polite society, a thank you card is to always be sent promptly after a gift has been received. Discussing personal problems can sometimes be seen as a breach of decorum in polite society.
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