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grammar police

Someone or a group of people who insist on correcting or criticizing others for errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax, especially to a pedantic or self-righteous degree. A: "What are you, the grammar police?" B: "Hardly. Everyone knows you shouldn't use 'ain't' in a formal paper." I don't mean to be the grammar police, but you shouldn't use a semicolon to introduce a list—that's the job of a colon.
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police blotter

The written record of events, especially arrests, that occur on a daily basis in a police station or precinct. The local newspaper has been printing the police blotter provided by the station every day for the past 70 years, regardless of what kind of crime has been happening in the town or not.
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police blotter

A precinct's daily written record of arrests. In the days before ballpoint pens, much less computers, police station house records were kept with ink pens, the writing from which had to be blotted to keep the ink from smearing. Sheets of paper might come and go, but the blotter's indelible imprint remained as a metaphorical reminder of the name of the person who was arrested. That's why many old gangster movies has lines about the cops checking a bad guy's record on the police blotter.
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