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You never knew what was going to happen when he put the pole in; he evidently did not know himself.
On the table beside her there was a basket of early summer flowers which the Pole had left after he heard of the accident.
They let him down and began to urge the raft toward the shore by means of the pole.
He was told that 11530 LT spin poles, 7000 HT 36 feet long and 1250 HT 45 feet long spin poles will be prepared annually in this plant, which will be further dispatched to the different areas under Pesco jurisdiction to complete developmental projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Providing Pole Muffing & Maintenance on PSC Poles,Providing Pole Muffing & Maintenance on PSC Poles,Providing Pole Muffing & Maintenance on PSC Poles
Some environmentalists are concerned that, over time, creosote from these poles leaks into the surrounding ground, polluting the environment.
At first glance, Nordic walking poles look like hiking or trekking poles; however, Nordic poles often are lighter in weight and are usually a fixed length that corresponds to the walker's height, as opposed to the adjustable length, twist-to-lock poles used for hiking or trekking.
3730 or the "Pole Attachments Act" seeks to regulate use of utility poles, related support structures and rights of way for the transmission of cable television or telecommunications signals, as well as the rates, terms and conditions for pole attachments.
Rigging Up: Cane poles should be two to three and a half times as tall as Dolly Parton.
com SPLURGE Leki Carbon Titanium Antishock poles Leki are a byword in good quality walking poles and these offer some of the best features you can buy.
That type of success is why Edwards' Nordic Walking Poles and the free classes he teaches are a perfect fit with the Wellness Expo coming to Baker College on Tuesday, February 26, in Cadillac, Michigan from 3pm - 8pm.
It does not stop the wind from blowing through and around the gauge pole like the sock, but it does stop emissions from the well, which typically present the largest source of emissions for gauge poles.
Google's ninth doodle since the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012 is dedicated to pole vault.
Author Aldona Jonaitis says that "this book is intended to present the histories of a number of poles, focusing on how each one came about as the result, in part of the interactions between Native and non-Native people.
Modern poles are highly elastic and so only a small amount of energy (equivalent to a height change of 0.