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Some called to him to fly, and some were in the very act of closing round him, to prevent his being taken, when the pole swept into the air above the people's heads, and the man's saddle was empty in an instant.
Finally one person having no suit appeared in his dressing-gown, but this was too much, and the efforts of Amalia Ivanovna and the Pole succeeded in removing him.
At length it came out that an old woman, who had come to sell us some milk, had brought it within our poles, and a young woman with her, who also brought us some roots or herbs; and while the old woman
Providing Pole Muffing & Maintenance on PSC Poles,Providing Pole Muffing & Maintenance on PSC Poles,Providing Pole Muffing & Maintenance on PSC Poles
com/research/5d7j3z/global_market_for) has announced the addition of the "Global Market for Towers and Poles 2015 (3rd Edition)" report to their offering.
Cane Pole Advantages: Suddenly your rod is 14 to 20 feet long.
The image on Google's home page shows a female pole vaulter attempting a leap over the bar using a long and flexible pole.
Some of that discussion includes why poles are raised in Native communities, how they communicate information about the history and prestige of the families who own them, and how the actual raising of a pole is a great event.
The 29 competitors competed in two categories: Pole Fit and Pole Art.
To change pole length, you flip up the lever, slide the sections, and flip the lever back down.
Determining the residual strength of utility pole wood is essential for reuse and recycling of quality decommissioned treated wood.
I constantly get phone calls from pole dancers," said Edward, who lives on Newcastle Quayside.
Wooden Poles Number NSN of poles Item 8340 00- Length per tent Eave pole 188-8405 5 ft, 8 in 10 Door pole 188-8406 6 ft, 2 in 4 Vertical 227-1400 10 ft, 3 in 2 ridge pole Horizontal 188-8400 17 ft 1 ridge pole Aluminum Poles Number NSN of poles Item 8340-00- Length per tent Eave pole 759-9747 5 ft, 6 in 10 Door pole 759-9751 6 ft 4 Vertical 782-3394 10 ft 2 ridge pole Horizontal 782-3396 17 ft 1 ridge pole
You can put a pole into a cement block or use a base from a Christmas tree and attach a broomstick in it.
The point of Nordic walking is that the downward push on a pole with each stride brings arm, back and chest muscles into play, adding an "upper-body component" to what is otherwise a lower-body workout.