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You never knew what was going to happen when he put the pole in; he evidently did not know himself.
On the table beside her there was a basket of early summer flowers which the Pole had left after he heard of the accident.
They let him down and began to urge the raft toward the shore by means of the pole.
The agreement/lease for preparation of HT and LT spin poles in Jehangira pole plant is for 5 years.
Providing Pole Muffing & Maintenance on PSC Poles,Providing Pole Muffing & Maintenance on PSC Poles,Providing Pole Muffing & Maintenance on PSC Poles
Alternative pole technology has been discussed and some prototypes have entered the field, but creosote-treated poles are the preferred and most economical method of supporting utility wires.
In a pole vault event, the fiberglass pole has not been infrequently broken into two pieces.
Cable TV and telecommunications companies make use of pole attachments and pay fees to pole owners for such attachments," Romualdo said in a statement.
Cane Pole Advantages: Suddenly your rod is 14 to 20 feet long.
com SPLURGE Leki Carbon Titanium Antishock poles Leki are a byword in good quality walking poles and these offer some of the best features you can buy.
CTS' gauge pole socks and sleeves are typically available for all gauge pole configurations and dimensions.
The image on Google's home page shows a female pole vaulter attempting a leap over the bar using a long and flexible pole.
Some of that discussion includes why poles are raised in Native communities, how they communicate information about the history and prestige of the families who own them, and how the actual raising of a pole is a great event.
To the best of our knowledge a run-up velocity intervention study similar to those conducted by Greig and Yeadon (2000) and by Bridgett and Linthorne (2006) has not previously been conducted for the pole vault.
Press the button and push or pull the pole to the exact length you need.