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polarize (one group of people) into (two groups of people)

To cause a group of people to divide into two opposing or contrasting groups. The issue has polarized the country into two bitterly divided camps—those in favor of the legislation, and those against it. The controversial CEO tends to polarize employees into a group that loves him and a group that hates him.
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polarize something into something

to divide a group into two segments. Your actions have just polarized the students into two opposing groups! We polarized the entire population into two factions.
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This is to invest in the expanding production capacity of small batteries and establishing new polarizer production facilities.
We assume the polarizer and analyzer comprise an ideal polarizer.
It is shown in Figure 1, where the double corrugated horn feeds, three elliptical mirrors, and one filter using FSS or polarizer are installed.
3, indicate that the AR is lower than 3dB in the frequency range from 7.63 to 11.13 GHz, wherein the transmitted wave can be considered as a CP one, thus the metasurface can be used as a CP polarizer in this frequency band, which is corresponding to a 37.3% fractional bandwidth.
Currently, Samsung SDI is running three polarizer production lines in Cheongju, South Korea, at full capacity.
Two parallel nonpolarized light beams are incident on the polarizers (from the measure and the compensation ways, respectively) of the device D in the spectrophotometer.
The global market for polarizer PVA films was 248.6 million square meters in 2013 and is expected to reach 335.4 million square meters by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 4.4% from 2014 to 2020
Also, the procedure of designing a TM polarizer is explained.
The [QWS.sub.45] x [HWS.sub.22.5] x [QWS.sub.45] configuration behaves like a waveguide polarizer with a very flat phase response across the band.
In contrast, polarizer and backlight modules both scored double-digit growths due to plant expansions and strong shipment growth for tablet PCs, respectively.
Optically functional film types covered in this report include front-surface films for antiglare/antireflection, viewing angle compensation and color/contrast enhancement; polarizer films; and BLU films (reflectors, diffusers, prisms, reflective polarizers, and multifunctional films).
Nokia Sco Sun is holding 3.7 inches AMOLED capacitive touch screen with Md-glare polarizer facility like ks name which helps to reflect the sun light and protects from scratches.
The dual-channel rotary joint (ADRJ) series uses the in-line mode to allow full duplex operation through frequency separation, while the dual-channel polarization rotary joint (ADPRJ) series uses the circular waveguide mode that includes an OMT and polarizer to give quad-channel operation over a 10 percent bandwidth.
Polarimeters work by directing monochromatic light--usually from a sodium, mercury or halogen lamp--through a polarizer, then into a tube containing the sample to be tested.
The module also features a clear surface-finished front polarizer that enables a richer display and image reproduction from VGA to wide UXGA resolution.