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polarize (one group of people) into (two groups of people)

To cause a group of people to divide into two opposing or contrasting groups. The issue has polarized the country into two bitterly divided camps—those in favor of the legislation, and those against it. The controversial CEO tends to polarize employees into a group that loves him and a group that hates him.
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polarize something into something

to divide a group into two segments. Your actions have just polarized the students into two opposing groups! We polarized the entire population into two factions.
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First, circularly polarized laser light polarizes rubidium atoms in the D1 resonance at a wavelength of 795 nm.
When waves are scattered along multiple pathways, fields do polarize along the direction of travel.
Many electronic-display technologies use similar filters to polarize light and create crisp, vibrant images.
They use a laser to energize and polarize xenon gas, which they then dissolve in solution.
We will polarize a pulsed cold neutron beam from the SNS using a [.sup.3]He neutron spin filter.
The hypothesis that geomagnetism in association with solar wind polarizes secretory IgA as a molecular gatekeeper that affects the absorption of gut nutrients vs antigens is insightful.
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