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in the pokey

old-fashioned slang In prison or jail. The officer decided to put the drunken college student in the pokey for the night to sober up. A new sheriff arrived in town, and before long he had nearly all the local criminals thrown in the pokey.
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pokey hat

An ice cream cone. Primarily heard in Scotland. It's a nice day out—let's take the kids for pokey hats, huh?
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1. Small, cramped, or confined. Said of living or working accommodations. They gave me a poky office down in the basement of the building. Rent is so high in this city that we can only afford a poky one-bedroom apartment.
2. Slow, sluggish, or inefficient; tarrying or dawdling. The food was delicious, but the poky staff really put me off going there again to eat. My dad is still using the same poky old computer he bought in 1998. The thing can barely even boot up anymore!
3. Dull, plain, or unfashionable. I've only got these poky old dresses to wear to her wedding. He's been wearing the same poky blazer to work every day for the past 20 years.

the pokey

old-fashioned slang Prison or jail, or a cell within one. The officer decided to put the drunken college student in the pokey for the night to sober up. A new sheriff arrived into town, and before long the pokey was overrun with criminals.
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and pokey
1. n. jail; a jail cell. (Usually with the.) She spent a day in the poky.
2. mod. slow; lagging and inefficient. Hurry up! Don’t be so poky.


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Pokey LaFarge may dress like a 1930s throwback, but his original songs are peppered with everyday references which, one assumes, have been absorbed osmosis-like on his endless roadtouring of the USA and beyond.
Pokey LaFarge's current album, Something In The Water (Rounder Records), was issued earlier this year and features twelve songs, all but one - Tampa Red's All Night Long -- written or co-written by Pokey.
And for Pokey La Farge, there's nothing unusual about the traditions of American music being kept alive, simply because it affected him from a very young age and he believes it can do the same for other people.
Jack lives in Hokey Pokey, a wonderland where kids play all day and there are no grown-ups to interfere.
You may be a girl in a pokey flat, but you'll be a girl with self respect in a pokey flat - one who's capable of finding herself an un-pokey one of her very own.
But even if Lohan gets thrown in the pokey, people close to her think she'd be fine.
Rakoff has changed two of the female friends from The Group to men and melded four of McCarthy's characters (Lakey, Pokey, Priss, and Helena above) into one, Sadie.
You have to walk through the main concourse then you have to go outside to the side of the station to a pokey lift that only takes one wheelchair.
Life proves no less eventful for Alice when she relinquishes the sofa in Milly's pokey flat for her own room in the more spacious apartment of her friend Fae Madison.
German intercity trains, whereas, typically pull only three first class in a 10-coach train, with a fourth as dining-car and half a car for luggage and bikes, on a loading gauge much bigger than Virgin's pokey Pendolinos, which have so little luggage-room that bags now regularly block aisles and doors.
The tragic clevercloggs declared: "This is Pokey, this is Uncle Frider and this is Monkey Tonkedy."
The pokey pad in Chelsea costs the same price as the average UK home, but potential buyers would need to spend another pounds 30,000 to make the cramped basement liveable.
Highway 61 is the story of Pokey Jones, a barber and occasional trumpeter in the small northern Ontario town of Pickerel Falls who is briefly a local celebrity when he finds a dead body behind his shop.
Among tacky novelty gifts, Christopher Behrens's Penis Pokey (Quirk)--"the book where you're the star!"--is an instant classic, Its 20 pages of heavy, color-printed cardboard are perforated with a 1 3/4-inch hole in the center, Inside are nine scenarios that call for a snake-like object to be inserted to complete the picture: fire hose, banana, sea monster ...
Evidently bored with shuffleboard, bridge, and "Matlock" night, seniors at one Florida retirement home seem to have been taking the "hokey pokey" to a new level.