Illicit, dubious, or morally questionable activities, especially those done discreetly or in secret. The purpose of the new legislation is to root out the jiggery-pokery going on with many businesses' financial figures.
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The business moved to Mickley shortly after the well-known Jiggery Pokery Shop closed and Elisa took over.
They all talk their hokey pokey They all swear they're okey dokey They must think that we're all dopey And don't suspect jiggery pokery.
Here, he reveals how to get the most out of the weekend with the help of hi-tech jiggery pokery.
SUNDAY Troy E4, 9pm In these days of hi-tech jiggery pokery, when every imaginable visual feat seems capable with a few clicks of a mouse, it's remarkable that the humble magician still carries so much clout.
With their first collection of songs, including Jiggery Pokery, which referenced the infamous massively-spinning ball bowled by Shane Warne which did Mike Gatting in the 1993 series, Neil and Thomas tried to cram in as much cricket knowledge as they could.
He untethers the plot from plausibility and logic, allowing everything to teeter risibly on coincidence, physical improbability and outrageous about jiggery pokery good fortune.
"There are issues on the bend after the winning post, which we may be able to avoid with a bit of jiggery pokery. There are a couple of areas of particularly bad ground down the back straight and another in the bypass area adjacent to the fifth-last fence."
And Channel 4's jiggery pokery with its usual scheduling doesn't stop there - another former Friday night favourite, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, is also back for a new series ...
The Apprentice (BBC1, 9pm) More financial jiggery pokery, but this time with the eagle eye of Sir Alan Sugar watching over the players.
COMEDY Pete Firman - Jiggery Pokery: The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton.
Somehow, they manage to stretch a 10-minute yarn about a son's search for his errant father into more than two hours of techno-jiggery pokery.
Jacqui Brown has purchased Jiggery Pokery in Mickley, Northumberland, after getting funding support from NatWest.
But thanks to some clever jiggery pokery it works absolutely brilliantly as well as looking smashing.
Somehow, they manage to stretch a 10-minute yarn about a son's search for his father into more than two hours of techno-jiggery pokery.
"They've actually got a good bunch of people at the BHA at the moment, but I'm sure we'd all agree that if we could cut out the annual jiggery pokery life would be a lot better."