poke fun at

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poke fun at (someone or something)

To mildly taunt or mock someone or something; to make fun of someone or something. The humorist has long been poking fun at figures high in the social and political spheres, drawing the ire from many of them. I was just poking fun at him—I didn't think he'd take it so personally!
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poke fun at someone or something

to make fun of someone or something. You shouldn't poke fun at me for my mistakes. They are just poking fun at the strange architecture.
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poke fun at

see under make fun of.
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poke fun at

tease or make fun of.
1989 Basile Kerblay Gorbachev's Russia They used to poke fun at his boorish ways.
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poke fun at

To ridicule in a mischievous manner.
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poke fun at, to

To mock or ridicule, to tease. Poke here means “to thrust,” and the fun is at the victim’s expense. This term has been around since 1835 or so. The OED cites Thomas Hood’s Up the Rhine (1840): “The American . . . in a dry way began to poke his fun at the unfortunate traveler,” a statement that leaves no doubt about who is having the “fun.”
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Rather than poke fun at the ancients, his mundane objects (which also include scissors, a key, a pipe, and a paper clip) pay homage to their herculean efforts.
Rent it if: You yearn to poke fun at the whole theme band phenomenon.
Moreover, in a clear example of the irony of history--an irony which seems to poke fun at humanity almost constantly--pure, hardcore capitalism, with market forces as a panacea for socioeconomic ills and inequalities, has hit rocky ground.
I thinks it's an artist's job to poke fun at social issues."
You bet In Notting Hill, Grant is as funny and engaging as he's been in anything since Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Roberts gets an opportunity to poke fun at the trials and tribulations of superstardom in the sort of lighthearted romp that's fun to laugh at and with.
A funnygirl and two comedians dressed as Baby, Scary and Sporty joined her to poke fun at the Fab Four - especially mum-to-be Mel B.
London, June 15 (ANI): She might have had a rocky love life, but Jennifer Aniston did not hesitate to poke fun at her rocky love life at the Accepting Women In Film ceremony, where she was honoured with the Crystal Award as an advocate of expanding the role of women in Hollywood.
This cartoonist uses satire (humor used to poke fun at another's actions) to comment on events in the news.
Indeed, Cemin could be described as a postmodern Surrealist, in that he seems to poke fun at Surrealism while pushing all its buttons, generating strange new relations but with a light, even lyrical touch that softens the absurdity into comedy.
Alabama's Board of Education voted for the original disclaimer sticker at a board meeting in 1995 where then-Governor Fob James impersonated an ape to poke fun at Charles Darwin."
The players actually wanted to poke fun at their Brazilian Bhoy but who on earth would wear a shirt that proclaimed "I had a Scheidt"?
He uses knowledge of the real world's suffering and heartache to attack the shallowness of a culture epitomized by the energetic banality of Seinfeld--while simultaneously employing high-speed manipulation of comic stereotypes to poke fun at the very idea of taking anything seriously.
Now in a Roman museum, it was obviously scratched on a whitewashed wall to poke fun at the perceived stupidity of an early Christian's faith.