poke a hole in

poke a hole in (something)

1. Literally, to form a hole in something by piercing it (with something else). Tommy, stop poking holes in your bread and eat it! She began absentmindedly poking a hole in her paper with her pen.
2. To identify or highlight some flaw in some plan, idea, argument, etc. Typically used in plural constructions. She quickly began poking holes in his theory. Before I offer up my own proposals, let me begin by poking a few holes in what opponent has suggested.
See also: hole, poke

poke a hole in something

 and poke a hole through something
to make a hole by pushing something through something; to push something through a hole. The carpenter poked a hole in the wall with a nail. The fisherman poked a hole through the ice with a pick.
See also: hole, poke
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Poke a hole in the center of the lids with a pencil point.
It doesn't take much of a bump to poke a hole in the condensers.
A safe way to witness the event is to poke a hole in a piece of paper and allow the sunlight to project through it onto a flat surface like a wall or the ground, said JPL astrophysicist Charles Morris.
Use the needle to poke a hole in each end of an uncooked egg, making one hole slightly larger than the other.