poison against

poison someone against someone or something

to cause someone to have negative or hateful thoughts about someone, a group, or something. You have done nothing more than poison Gerald against all of us! Stop talking to him! Your negative comments poisoned everyone against the proposal.
See also: poison
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LAHORE -- The October 12, 1999 incident was the direct result of the conflict between state institutions, but the sad thing is that the same continues even today and the parliament is being used to spread poison against state institutions.
Maulana Abdul Raheem Qureshi, president of Tameer-e-Millat who chaired the meeting, said that official celebration of September 17 in Maharashtra had caused deep communal divide as the occasion was being used to spread poison against Muslims by the official machinery and create hatred in the minds of Hindus.
At the present juncture, 120 satellite networks are spraying poison against the Islamic Republic of Iran and our nation, attacking our moral and religious beliefs," Naqdi said, addressing a ceremony in Iran's Northern province of Semnan on Wednesday.
All of this disgusting talk is adding to the poison against Muslims," the paper quoted Mughal, as saying.
For pouring out poison against Albanians at the European Handball Championship.
Reading a daily diet of poison against Europe in many of our national newspapers and being egged on by the increasingly powerful group of Euro sceptic Tory MPs, how could it be otherwise?
I've been saying it all year, defenses have got to pick their poison against us.
Bitter Charles Clarke secretly acted as a riot ringleader, every few hours ringing the BBC to drip another drop of poison against Brown.
The initiative is part of a project led by the Pharmaceutical Biological Labs (Labiofam) that seeks to demonstrate the effect of the red scorpion's poison against tumors.
And after watching Dani spitting poison against Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty on BB this week, 23-year-old Chantelle added: "She is a horrible person and has a horrible attitude.
Tonight we responded and we tried to do too much, and that's poison against a team like San Jose.
Because the artist has a talent, has the ability to perhaps transform certain energies, almost working like an alchemist using poison against poison, which is very much a philosophy in Chinese medicine.
There can be few MPs who have spoken out with more passion and more deadly poison against the Government's case for war than Plaid Cymru's Adam Price.
The Soviet Union's security services used poison against ''enemies.
Downstream contamination generally would require sophisticated pumping devices to inject mass quantities of a poison against the water pressure, and it would only hit limited numbers of consumers, not entire cities.