poised for

poised for (something)

Braced, prepared, or ready for something that is about to happen. We were all poised for the huge workload the project would bring. The two combatants stood facing each other in the ring, poised for the fight to begin.
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poised for something

ready for something; in the right position and waiting for something. The cat stared at the mouse, poised for action. The army was poised for battle.
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Given the popularity and swift adoption, music streaming is poised for global domination.
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Completions rose 1.9% to a new cycle high, and are poised for a solid 11% growth clip for 2018 overall.
Summary: West Texas Intermediate crude traded near a 14-month high, poised for a second weekly gain, on speculation a strengthening US economy will boost demand.
With New York City experiencing one of the strongest commercial real estate markets ever, and rents becoming largely inelastic in the prevailing economy, we believe Westchester, a sub-market intimately linked to NYC, will remain poised for strong growth in 2007.
Notes Robert Eller, president of consulting firm Robert Eller Associates, Inc., Akron, Ohio, "The LGF-PP sector is poised for growth in structural and semi-structural applications." He says benchmark tests of Funcster and other long-glass PP products at several automotive OEMs and Tier I molders in the U.S.
Iraq is headed in the right direction; Israelis and Palestinians appear poised for the first real progress in four years; and there are signs of nascent Arab reform in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon.
With an estimated value of nearly $6 billion in 2002, China's tire industry is said to be poised for further high growth.
companies are poised to increase their capital spending," Pryor remarked, "We feel our industry is poised for significant improvement next year.
NEW YORK-After posting better-than-expected second-quarter sales, home goods retailers could now be poised for a long-awaited second-half recovery.