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poise (oneself) for (something)

To steady, brace, or otherwise prepare oneself for something. I poised myself for the boss's criticism at the meeting. Many companies are poising themselves for an expected tumble in the stock market this week. He poised himself for impact with the other car.
See also: poise

poise over (someone or something)

To stand in a steady, anticipatory position over someone or something. I woke with a fright to see my son poised over me, waiting with tears in his eyes for me to wake up. The cat poised over the mouse whole, ready to pounce the moment the rodent emerged.
See also: over, poise

poised for (something)

Braced, prepared, or ready for something that is about to happen. We were all poised for the huge workload the project would bring. The two combatants stood facing each other in the ring, poised for the fight to begin.
See also: poised

poised to (do something)

Braced, prepared, or ready to do something in the immediate future. We were all poised to work long hours to finish the project in time for the holidays. The cobra reared its head up with its hood flared out, so I knew it was poised to strike.
See also: poised

poised for something

ready for something; in the right position and waiting for something. The cat stared at the mouse, poised for action. The army was poised for battle.
See also: poised

poised to do something

ready to do something; in the right position to do something. The cat is poised to jump on the mouse. The army is poised to attack at dawn.
See also: poised
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If that were not enough, the possibility of deflationary cycle looms which would dampen already anemic capital spending and the stock market appears poised to' collapse once again as future earnings fail to support lofty PE ratios.
Recent aggressive public/private initiatives have made the neighborhood more desirable than ever, and it is poised now to reap the benefits of a major reduction in crime and homelessness.
in Rye Brook are also poised to satisfy the needs of users.
With new development still not keeping up with demand and New Jersey's economy still enjoying strong conditions, our industrial markets are poised to continue to experience positive conditions for the foreseeable future.
With single digit vacancy rates throughout New Jersey, rising rental rates, virtually no oversupply and a growing economy are bellwether signs that the market is poised to continue to experience positive conditions for the near term future.
Two areas of Manhattan, one virtually written off in the past decade and the other struggling with high vacancy rates and technologically deficient buildings, are poised for major renaissances.