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poise (oneself) for (something)

To steady, brace, or otherwise prepare oneself for something. I poised myself for the boss's criticism at the meeting. Many companies are poising themselves for an expected tumble in the stock market this week. He poised himself for impact with the other car.
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poise over (someone or something)

To stand in a steady, anticipatory position over someone or something. I woke with a fright to see my son poised over me, waiting with tears in his eyes for me to wake up. The cat poised over the mouse whole, ready to pounce the moment the rodent emerged.
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poise oneself for something

to get ready for something. She poised herself for her dive. Fred poised himself for a fall, but everything worked out all right.
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poise over someone or something

to hover or hang over someone or something. She spent the entire afternoon poised over her desk, pouting. The dog poised over the downed duck, waiting for the hunter.
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Frankie Dettori clocked up his ton for the year and reduced Kieren Fallon's lead at the top of the jockeys' table to five when landing a double with Davids Mark and Poise on a sultry night by the Thames.
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She needn't have read One Arm, inasmuch as Edith Jelkes, the heroine of "Iguana," haunts all neo-Gothic portraiture; any visual or verbal fable that exhibits a character's incomplete grasp of sexual poise necessarily returns to Edith Jelkes and her kind:
Oscillating between Modernist machine and garden gazebo, the building's nimble poise is at the heart of its charm.