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Last week's column on Ed Miliband and his pointy-heads caused a stir.
There was the sobering assessment of last June's outburst of frivolity with the vote for Brexit - 2.4% off forecast growth over the next five years, according to the pointy-heads at the Office for Budget Responsibility.
Ratliff quipped Wednesday that he knows "people are concerned about pointy-headed liberals in their ivory towers" getting more involved, but said that creating the option of having such a review panel would demonstrate that the board is concerned about errors and actively doing something to address them.
So why--aside from the need to satisfy some pointy-headed international bureaucrats--do we even need the Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Model Act and Regulation?
I think that homosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, female, black, atheist, red-haired, pointy-headed, big-eared, or whatever, people, any human being, provided they are not harming, swindling, misleading or subjugating other people, should be unconditionally allowed to do as everyone else can.
"Pssst, want to see one?" says Sue Robinson of Hillier nursery, bringing out "Woodland Wilf", a fluorescent pink, pointy-headed chappie with two lurid orange buckets.
good-night, A, my pointy-headed child who leads the alphabet and
The Allied Combined Operations Group wanted to get at the heart of the Bzadian enterprise and the 4th Reconaissance Team (known as Angels), six specially chosen, highly trained, human teenagers, surgically altered to look like the short pointy-headed Bzadians and proficient in their language, are dropped into the Central Australian desert to infiltrate the defences of New Bzadia and discover the alien secrets.
Art can be many things, but it is seldom hilarious, a shortcoming Wayne White hopes to correct in the refreshingly amusing art-doc portrait "Beauty Is Embarrassing." Best known as one of the designers on trippy '80s TV hit "Pee-wee's Playhouse," but recently reinvented as the wit behind a series of popular word paintings (clever quips superimposed on thrift-store tableaux), Wayne rails against the pretentious, pointy-headed high-art establishment, serving as a compelling folk hero for those who never knew art could be fun.
A University of Illinois study reported that docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is necessary to construct the arch that turns a round, immature sperm cell into a pointy-headed super swimmer with an extra long tail.
For Rose's disappointed exhalation summons the pointy-headed creature, Ah the Sigh, a sort of jinn who offers her father the longed-for legume.
The firms may have gone, but the pointy-heads endure, including Martin Leibowitz at Morgan Stanley and Jess Yawitz at NISA in St Louis.
Even so, the Obama administration was pretty radical and pointy-headed as far as these things go.
God bless you pointy-headed programmers (I'm looking at you FA53).