point toward (someone or something)

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point toward (someone or something)

1. To indicate or signify the direction or location of someone or something. We've set up arrows pointing toward the house to help guests who are unfamiliar with the area. If you rest the needle on the surface of water, it will point toward magnetic north.
2. To make a physical signal, especially with one's index finger, to indicate the direction or location of someone or something. Tom pointed toward the trees behind the cabin when Peter asked where the bathroom was. Everyone pointed toward Sarah when the boss asked who had broken the printer.
3. To face the direction of someone or something. We want the back porch to be pointing toward the point on the horizon where the sun sets. You always want the front of your body pointing toward the audience, otherwise they will have trouble hearing you.
4. To move something so that it faces the direction of someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "point" and "toward." He pointed his light toward the window so that she would see it from her bedroom. She pointed the stereo toward the meeting room so we could all hear the outcome of the game.
5. To draw someone's attention toward or inform someone about the direction of someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "point" and "toward." Excuse me, could you please point me toward the train station? He pointed me toward the exit when I asked if they had any job openings.
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point toward someone or something

to direct an extended finger toward someone or something. The teacher pointed toward Laura and asked her to come to the front of the room. Randy pointed toward the door and frowned at the dog.
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point toward

1. To indicate the direction in which something lies: The sign points toward the center of the city.
2. To make a gesture indicating the direction in which something lies: The farmer pointed toward the fields across the road.
3. To be suggestive of the idea that something is a possibility or correct conclusion: The fact that the door wasn't broken points toward the theory that the thief had a key.
4. To cause someone to consider something to be a possibility or correct conclusion: These facts point us toward a new explanation.
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References in classic literature ?
We may say, metaphorically, that when to-day is Tuesday, your belief that it is Tuesday points TOWARDS the fact, whereas when to-day is not Tuesday your belief points AWAY FROM the fact.
What is required is a formal expression of the fact that a proposition is true when it points towards its objective, and false when it points away from it, In very simple cases we can give a very simple account of this: we can say that true propositions actually resemble their objectives in a way in which false propositions do not.
For example, by staying at a Courtyard, you can earn points toward stays at a Ritz-Carlton.
The credit card industry offers all kinds of special cards for consumers to win points toward purchases, and now that includes lesbian travelers.
The emerging picture of myelin production points toward a new medical strategy that combines the suppression of inflammation in MS patients and the rebuilding of myelin sheaths, or remyelination, to reverse nerve damage, says Salzer.
For Heidegger, the beginning that Holderlin's poetry points toward is also an end--the end of Western "metaphysics" and its progressive forgetfulness of Being, initiated by Plato and reaching its completion in technological modernity.
Position the fish so that its head points toward the cup's rim, and its tail points toward the cup's base.
Frequent guests also benefit from one of the more unique programs in the industry: The Hilton Honors program is one of the few that offers both air miles and points toward stays or products.
Of course, Engster teaches political science, and several times in the course of his book he points toward our own times and our own political concepts.
Students may be awarded service points toward the Junior and Distinguished Music Achievement Awards.
In contrast, most of Lux's evidence, which is derived from public documents, points toward racial prejudice and negligence as the motivations guiding policies implemented on reserves.
In addition, by using their favorite reward-program credit card to draw docs, customers earn bonus points toward travel or other rewards.
In addition, the high-temperature performance of cast stainless steels points toward the use of thin-wall steel castings for automotive exhaust manifolds.
Burton's book points toward another way out of slavery; there was the Underground Railroad that went north and there were trails that lead west, beyond the Mississippi River.
Jacqueline Dickey's poetry collection When the Believer's Chin Points Toward the Moon, which was reviewed in our July-August issue, is available from the Catholic Worker Bookstore (1-800-43-PEACE).