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And tonight the team report from the show at the NEC, exploring the best displays and pointing us to new plants we might all want to get our green fingers on.
"We think the mark is distinctive, respecting our past but pointing us to the future," says T.
These texts are a divining rod pointing us to the important truth that energized Martin Luther's reforming movement in the sixteenth century and continues to energize our ever-reforming movement of the Lutheran Church in the twenty-first century: It is Christ who saves.
He said: "A number of people were pointing us to where the car had gone, so there is no doubt that lots of people in the city centre that afternoon saw the catalogue of incidents.
The first painting in the Hirshhorn exhibition, the great Jamais, 1944, from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, features a Picassoid pinhead casting a backward scream, as if pointing us to the traumatic run-up to Still's heroic mode.
Seems like the greatest tip he could give us these days would be pointing us to a bank that's guaranteed to stay in business.