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bless your pointy little head

A condescending phrase used to patronize someone for being foolish or not very bright. You failed the exam because you thought the sun was a planet? Aw, bless your pointy little head.
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slang A pretentious, self-important intellectual. It's all well and good for these pointy-heads to theorize about the roots and causes of our poverty, but all those words don't do a damned thing to put food on our plate! The last thing we need is another pointy-head with a fancy degree coming in here and telling us how to do our jobs.

the pointy end

1. humorous slang The front of a boat, used especially in reference to cruise ships. There's a full gym up near the pointy end, if you're feeling a little sluggish during the cruise. Let's go up to the pointy end and see if we can spot the whales breaching!
2. humorous slang The tip of a blade, especially a sword. When he first started fencing, he barely even knew where the pointy end went—now he's one of the top fencers in the country.
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pointy end

n. [of a ship] the bow. (Jocular term heard on cruise ships.) The dining room is up at the pointy end.
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n. a studious thinker; an intellectual. (see also conehead.) The pointy-heads seem to be living in a world of their own.
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He was two years ahead of me so in my mind was terribly sophisticated; he wore the pointiest winkle-pickers in the school and drainpipe jeans so tight you could almost see the veins on his legs.
Libra Sep 24-Oct 23 THERE are sharp influences in your chart that make you the pointiest pencil in the box - but what are you writing?
With its steep eaves the children said the hotel was the "pointiest" they had ever seen.
He's got the pointiest shoes ever and his heels are quite high.
My 10-inch reflector at 220x transforms the oval into a rhombus with well-rounded corners, the southernmost being the pointiest. Subdued areas are visible within the nebula.
But for now, it helps that Trillanes' scheduled hearing on the government contracts of the security agency of the Solicitor General's family has been wiped off the map, and there is the morale-boosting drama for the President and his supporters, to see one of the pointiest thorns in his side being hauled back to jail.
Chris said yesterday: "It's one of the pointiest UK peaks I have ever been on.