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bless your pointy little head

A condescending phrase used to patronize someone for being foolish or not very bright. You failed the exam because you thought the sun was a planet? Aw, bless your pointy little head.
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pointy end

n. [of a ship] the bow. (Jocular term heard on cruise ships.) The dining room is up at the pointy end.
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n. a studious thinker; an intellectual. (see also conehead.) The pointy-heads seem to be living in a world of their own.
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Rats have a much pointier nose, are larger, have more prominent ears and a hairless tail.
As his already thin frame got even slimmer, she captured each change in his carefully made-up face, watching it get sharper and pointier as the trial dragged on.
It is identifiable by longer pointier features, stronger hair, very dark feet and a tail 2/3 the body length with very few hairs.
I'm perceived as pointier and more arched, but I like playing women on the edge.
Glenn Pointier, editor and publisher of the River Reporter, a local paper that exposed inaccuracies in Cushman's presentation, is not so nostalgic.
In addition, Scott Pointier, founder, president and chief executive officer of Reach, will move into our sales arena, further strengthening client relationships and marketing efforts.
after it was saved from the bin Pages 12-13 Millennium Point is about to get pointier with plans for a new pavilion outside the city centre venue Page 16 A mobile phone app created in Birmingham has secured deals with two major national firms Page 18 LETTERS PAGES 24-25 NEIL ELKES PAGE 26 RICHARD McCOMB PAGE 27 KEITH GABRIEL PAGE 28 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY PAGES 32-33 FINANCE PAGE 34 MANUFACTURING PAGE 35 LEGAL PAGE 36 PERSONAL FINANCE PAGE 38 SPORT PAGES 42-48
The barrel-chested one, whose biggest crime to this point had perhaps been to wear slightly too pointier a pair of shoes, thundered into Coppinger like all good defenders used to do: eyes on the ball, gloriously oblivious to the pain that might come his or his opponent's way should he mistime it.
Wings reshaped Logging may have driven birds in mature boreal forests toward pointier wings, while reforestation has led to rounder wings (SN: 9/12/09, p.