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point (one) in the right direction

To give someone guidance, advice, or information that helps guide them toward a successful achievement, outcome, or resolution. We're hopeful that our financial planning services can help point people in the right direction when they look to buy their first home. I was at a loss how to proceed with the project. Thankfully, Janet was able to point me in the right direction.
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point the bone at (someone or something)

1. To predict someone's or something's ruin, downfall, or failure. Primarily heard in Australia. For years tech pundits have been pointing the bone at virtual reality technology, announcing its imminent death or decline. And yet, here we are, with VR still as popular as ever. People pointed the bone at him when he presented such wild ideas, but they all proved to be wildly successful.
2. To cast blame or aspersions on someone. Primarily heard in Australia. Instead of simply pointing the bone at anyone who doesn't share your opinion or way of thinking, why not try seeing how you can help others understand your position? It's a bit ironic to hear these politicians pointing the bone at these industries, when not five years ago they were in those same companies' pockets.
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References in classic literature ?
Presently our meal came to an end; the misshapen monster with the pointed ears cleared the remains away, and Montgomery left me alone in the room again.
Everything struck your eye at once: the carved gable, the pointed roof, the turrets suspended at the angles of the walls; the stone pyramids of the eleventh century, the slate obelisks of the fifteenth; the round, bare tower of the donjon keep; the square and fretted tower of the church; the great and the little, the massive and the aerial.
There were five or six of these mansions on the quay, from the house of Lorraine, which shared with the Bernardins the grand enclosure adjoining the Tournelle, to the Hôtel de Nesle, whose principal tower ended Paris, and whose pointed roofs were in a position, during three months of the year, to encroach, with their black triangles, upon the scarlet disk of the setting sun.
The churches (and they were numerous and splendid in the University, and they were graded there also in all the ages of architecture, from the round arches of Saint-Julian to the pointed arches of Saint-Séverin), the churches dominated the whole; and, like one harmony more in this mass of harmonies, they pierced in quick succession the multiple open work of the gables with slashed spires, with open-work bell towers, with slender pinnacles, whose line was also only a magnificent exaggeration of the acute angle of the roofs.
The Bourg Saint-Germain, already a large community, formed fifteen or twenty streets in the rear; the pointed bell tower of Saint- Sulpice marked one corner of the town.
A few miserable, greenish hovels, hanging over the water in front of these sumptuous Hôtels, did not prevent one from seeing the fine angles of their façades, their large, square windows with stone mullions, their pointed porches overloaded with statues, the vivid outlines of their walls, always clear cut, and all those charming accidents of architecture, which cause Gothic art to have the air of beginning its combinations afresh with every monument.