point to

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point to someone or something

to aim at someone or something. Who is she pointing to? He pointed to the door.
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point to something

to indicate, reveal, or suggest something. All the evidence seems to point to his guilt. The signs point to a very cold winter.
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point to

1. To indicate the location of something: The arrows on the map point to the places where we camped overnight.
2. To make a gesture indicating the location of something: He told the dog to go outside and pointed to the door.
3. To suggest something as a likely possibility or conclusion: The chewed-up bones in the kitchen point to the dog, not the child. All indications point to an early spring.
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The company consistently provides versatile, reliable, cost effective Carrier Ethernet solutions," said David Vernon, Network Operations Manager at Point to Point Broadband.
World Wide Packets is pleased to provide Point to Point Broadband with the capabilities it needs to improve services to its customer base," said Dave Curry, president and CEO of World Wide Packets.
Our priority has always been to work with industry-leading vendors to bring superior network access security solutions to our customers, and we are pleased to extend our OPSEC relationship with Check Point to provide this exciting solution," said Joe Ryan, vice president of Funk Software.
As the world-wide leader in gateway antivirus, Trend Micro partners with industry leaders such as Check Point to provide robust content security protection.
As the nations leading provider of Internet and secure eCommerce, Intermedia relies on Check Point to understand our complex security needs and those of our clients.
Nokia looks forward to leveraging the strong sales and distribution partners of Check Point to reach a broad cross-section of customers.
Our job will be to introduce Log Point to the right customers, helping them get strategic design wins.
Check Point's patent-pending Stateful Inspection(TM) architecture enables Check Point to provide these unprecedented levels of Java security, protecting organizations from the most common and dangerous Java network attacks.
Netscape is pleased to be working with Check Point to secure Java applets," said Eric Greenberg, Group Security Product Manager at Netscape Communications.
Additionally, FireWall-1's programmable INSPECT engine, at the core of the FireWall-1 technology, allows Check Point to add support for new applications such as NetShow quickly and easily without requiring a software upgrade.