point the finger at

point the finger at (one)

To indicate that one is guilty of (doing) something; to blame or accuse one of (doing) something. She'll say that she doesn't blame anyone, but I know that, in her heart, she points the finger at me. Now, I'm not pointing the finger at anyone in particular, but someone here has been stealing food from the communal refrigerator.
See also: finger, point

point the finger at someone

Fig. to blame someone; to identify someone as the guilty person. Don't point the finger at me! I didn't take the money. The manager refused to point the finger at anyone in particular and said that everyone was sometimes guilty of being late.
See also: finger, point

point the finger at

Attach blame to, accuse, as in When they asked her who broke the window, she pointed the finger at Tom. Also see put the finger on.
See also: finger, point
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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Vaughan said that he hates it when captains point the finger at players, which is one of the things that he wants changed in the game, adding that Clarke has done the same on a number of occasions and needs to stop it.
It is dumb to point the finger at the government and generalise.
But both the Czechs and Scotland need the points to qualify so we have to take both games seriously so nobody can point the finger at us.
Holt wasted a golden chance to claim all three points against More cambe, but skipper Coughlan refused to point the finger at their 26-goal striker.
The Mail should point the finger at the previous Labour-controlled council for failing to adequately maintain the various sites over the many years that it was in control of the city council.
ALL five suspects in Clare's attempted murder - Calvin, Louise, Max, OB and Warren - are released without charge, but then the devious schemer wakes from her coma and is quick to point the finger at Warren.
In the days of hanging, I suspect if this was the case then no-one would have gone to the gallows because there would always have been a ready syndrome to point the finger at.
These two deserve each other: But as my mother used to say, When you point the finger at someone, there are three pointing back at you.
Let me point the finger at these six companies, though, as taking a laudable step forward in consideration of the customer.
While overfishing is one reason for the decline in fish populations, experts also point the finger at another culprit: polluted runoff, or non-point-source pollution.
Two reports, also published in the May 17 Cell, point the finger at a molecule called MuSK.
Rather than helping amibitous politicians point the finger at immigrants, the media should point out that, the more politicians successfully scapegoat immigrants, the less inclined they are to develop concrete proposals on how to help working people.
She said it was "inappropriate" to point the finger at a world tragedy.
ROY Keane is right to point the finger at Ireland's hapless players for their dreadful performances.