point a/the finger

point the finger at (one)

To indicate that one is guilty of (doing) something; to blame or accuse one of (doing) something. She'll say that she doesn't blame anyone, but I know that, in her heart, she points the finger at me. Now, I'm not pointing the finger at anyone in particular, but someone here has been stealing food from the communal refrigerator.
See also: finger, point

point the finger

openly accuse someone or apportion blame.
1998 Spectator Reason suggests that one should point the finger at those who whipped up the emotion in the first place.
See also: finger, point

point a/the ˈfinger (at somebody)

say you think somebody is responsible for something; accuse somebody of doing something: It was his wife who pointed the finger at him in the end.
See also: finger, point