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The girls look adorable in their '50s-era poodle skirts, but costume designer Ken Takemoto is less successful with the '70s, suiting up an ambitious Manhattan stock analyst in John Travolta-style pocketless trousers that scream working-class Brooklyn.
But he has also produced some expensive, highly finished things (a reconfigured Citroen DS automobile; a full-size, pocketless billiard table).
For instance, count room employees wear special pocketless smocks and must show money boxes to the camera after they are emptied.
He slips it into the waistband of his pocketless sweatpants, but the elastic doesn't hold the gun and it drops into his crotch; the touch of the cold metal makes him gasp.
In his report, just published, Sir David Ramsbotham, the Chief Inspector of Prisons for England and Wales, makes no response to the complaints about the loo paper or the pocketless tracksuit bottoms.
Experienced players can expand their repertoire by trying "real" billiards (on a pocketless table) or playing snooker on a 12-foot table.