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has developed the OQO model 01+ ultra personal computer (uPC), a full-powered, full-featured personal computer running Microsoft Windows XP in a pocketable form factor.
Canon announced its most powerful, pocketable PowerShot to date -- the PowerShot G7 X -- earlier this month.
1 (Jelly Bean), lift this pocketable tablet into the iPad or Samsung Galaxy class.
It's an upgraded, redesigned version of the Soundmatters speaker, so it has pretty much the same audio qualities and wonderful pocketable size (6 by 2.
com As one of the most portable machines on the market, you can take this pocketable gadget with you everywhere and never miss a movie-making opportunity.
It's also a hair thinner than the S90, which was already plenty pocketable.
While hardly pocketable, its built-in ChargePak battery should give more than enough tuneage to host a jive hop well into the night.
These devices are expected to transform the user experience, bringing incredible mobile applications and always on, always connected wireless Internet access in a user-friendly pocketable form factor.
This range of pocketable power stations are just the job, charge them from the mains before you set out and, using one of the many adaptors, they'll add extra energy when it is needed.
After questioning rhetorically whether the world needs yet another device category, he gave these characteristics for an MID:<p>-It is a "browser-centric pocketable mobile device that computes.
Both Kodak EasyShare M763 and M863 come with Kodak's "ease of use" factor and stylish looks a" pocketable and available at great prices, said an official spokesman.
Both Kodak EasyShare M763 and M863 come with Kodak's "ease of use" factor and stylish looks - pocketable and available at great prices.
Pocketable MIDs remain a far more interesting product segment to watch, says Orr, as the market is still emerging.
It's pocketable and waterproof design along with the one-button control makes it easy for the first-time GoPro users to control the camera.
3mm (WxHxD) it's also one of the most pocketable advanced cameras around, but there's no compromise on performance or image quality.