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Idlib and its surroundings in Northwestern Syria is the last remaining large pocket of resistance against the Syrian government.
At her approach, the inhabitants of the last pocket of resistance whirled into bed in a flurry of spring twanging, which ceased as she snapped on the light.
The elimination of opposition fighters in this enclave is important for the regime because it is the closest pocket of resistance to the capital.
They are a pocket of resistance that he can do without, terrorists for a despot who has been backed by Russia.
Kurdish and Arab fighters with the Syrian Democratic Forces secured the neighborhood over the weekend after vanquishing a last pocket of resistance in the city's historic Great Mosque, The Washington Post quoted the statement as saying.
Summary: Yemeni pro-government forces, backed by a Saudi-led coalition, took control of another district in southern Abyan province Monday after a battle with Houthi rebels that killed dozens, driving out the final pocket of resistance in the province, security and military officials said.
ANDY MURRAY met just one pocket of resistance as he eased into the third round - dropping only a tennis ball on the way.
Forces loyal to Libya's ruling National Transitional Council are now moving more tanks into the centre of Sirte to try to crush the last pocket of resistance by loyalists of ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi in his home town.
The Nafusa mountain range in western Libya, close to Tunisia, has emerged in recent days as a more troublesome pocket of resistance to Gaddafi forces.
It had held out as a pocket of resistance for several weeks behind German lines.
Jack and Vera, his personal pocket of resistance, are living gods of TV.
'We've had some close calls, particularly when we went forward and got caught up in a pocket of resistance near Basra.
(The assault wipes out the last known pocket of resistance in Kandahar City by Al Qaida fighters loyal to the collapsed Taliban and Osama Bin Laden.
One can read almost all of The Shape of a Pocket without realizing that one is part of a pocket of resistance, except perhaps against the far less e ngaging styles of criticism that dominate the field.
But when it comes to having a flutter on Elite league speedway, there is a pocket of resistance in the Black Country intent on forcing the bookies to choke on their pre-season odds.