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pock (something) with (something else)

1. To mar some surface with many small dents, divots, pits, or other similar imperfections. Often used in passive constructions. Our neighbors' son pocked our pristine front yard with divots after he decided to practice his golf swing there last weekend. The body of my brand new car was pocked with dents and craters after a bunch of kids threw stones at me as I drove through the east side of town last night.
2. To mar something with multiple imperfections, difficulties, or tribulations. Often used in passive constructions. Our relationship has been pocked with various troubles over the last 15 years, but we've always emerged stronger as a couple in spite of them. Recent reports have begun to pock his once impeccable reputation with accusations of plagiarism and deceit.
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pock something with something

to cause dents or small craters by shooting or throwing something at something. The hail pocked the roof of the car with dents. The side of the house was pocked with tiny dents where the hail had struck.
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Even after seeing the 82-year-old patient's pain evaporate so quickly with acupuncture treatment, Pock can understand why many physicians still have doubts.
Born in Chicago in March of 1959, Pock was drawn to medicine early, initially to her father's field of podiatry.
As Pock got closer to making decisions about her future career, her father noted that there were some limits associated with his line of work, and that there were certain conditions that might initially manifest as a podiatric (foot) disorder, but would require referral to a specialist--typically an internist--for full resolution.
Pock picked up the puck and made a wrist shot from the left circle that got by Joey MacDonald on the stick side, spoiling the rookie's bid for his first career shutout.
Some of these pock mark surfaces were deep enough to require welding above the casting contour.
The reformulated shell sand recipe resulted in a cookie that not only solved the pock mark defects but also contained a lower amount of nitrogen.
No sooner had Pock kicked off than Fezan Mughal ran one in from 50 metres.
Then Pock, with good switching play, ran in a try and then another from 80 metres.
Phosphorus atoms from the hot phosphine fill pocks that form in the lens during processing.