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poach on (one's) territory

To encroach on an area of land or part of a market that one currently controls or has jurisdiction over. The telecom giant has launched a legal campaign against the new service in an effort to prevent it from poaching on its territory. The indigenous tribe was awarded a huge reparation payment after a federal court agreed that the government had unlawfully poached on their territory for hundreds of years.
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poach on someone's territory

encroach on someone else's rights.
See also: on, poach, territory
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Saraswat's plea was based on the premise that Salman's statement on " illegal arms" would be construed as his participation in poaching.
He said that most of the poachers have given up poaching due to system of big penalties.
Poaching continues to pose a huge threat to wildlife and conservationists in the country.
There are allegations that commercial poaching in the Chobe National Park is mainly sponsored by big names in the tourism industry.
The government is encouraged by this positive result, although challenges remain in curbing poaching and protecting rhino habitat," he added.
A lot come from the North because Staffordshire is a hotspot for poaching.
When the researchers referred to a reference map of DNA taken from elephant tissue or dung at locations throughout central Africa, the new technique revealed that nearly all the poaching occurred in Zambia.
Mention the word "poaching," and most sportsmen probably think of deer being jacklighted, game hogs bagging too many ducks or maybe the increasing number of professional poaching rings supplying the black market in wildlife parts.
Game ranchers said the loss of revenue to poaching and farm invasions were estimated to be more than Z$40bn.
A NEW crackdown aimed at stamping out salmon poaching and ending attacks on fishery officers is planned by Marine Minister Frank Fahey.
The secret to making doubles fun is to make it simple, and the secret to winning free points is by poaching effectively.
Poaching is already a serious problem facing some of the preserve's endangered animals, particularly the pronghorn antelope and black sea turtles.
First, this paper provides a brief background on poaching activity in Africa and describes some successful examples of anti-poaching policies.
Poaching is a salient fact of life for ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), the emblematic plant of the eastern woodlands, and the living embodiment of an ancient tradition entering a new millennium.