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poach on (one's) territory

To encroach on an area of land or part of a market that one currently controls or has jurisdiction over. The telecom giant has launched a legal campaign against the new service in an effort to prevent it from poaching on its territory. The indigenous tribe was awarded a huge reparation payment after a federal court agreed that the government had unlawfully poached on their territory for hundreds of years.
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poach on someone's territory

encroach on someone else's rights.
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But its 2018 survey over a 94,000 square kilometer (36,000 square miles) area found 94 recent carcasses and 62 older ones that researchers verified as having been poached.
From 2014 to 2017, the number of poached rhinos in South Africa decreased by almost--.
And I can keep having my egg everyday, though not in the insipid poached way!
This translates to 3.7 percent of the white rhino population being poached and 2.2 percent of the black rhino population," Flamand says.
Across Africa as a whole, the total number of rhinos poached during 2015 was at its highest for two decades.
The Kitchen window is lined with poached eggs as hard as bullets.
JOHANNESBURG (CyHAN)- A report by the Department of Environmental Affairs in South Africa puts the number of Rhinos poached this year at 514.
Yao met wild elephants before encountering the bodies of five poached elephants in Kenya and a poached rhino in South Africa.
Last year, more than 660 rhinos were poached. South Africa, with about 20,000 rhinos, is home to the world's largest population of the endangered species.
Asparagus with poached eggs and Hollandaise ingredients (serves 4) 2 bunches of asparagus 8 free range eggs 1 Batch of hollandaise sauce method?
Between which two years did the number of rhinos poached increase the greatest amount?
With Phil Lewis, head chef at The Cook School Scotland THE PERFECT POACHED EGG Out of all the things I teach at The Cook School, one of the most appreciated is how to poach the perfect egg.
The animals are poached for their horns, which are prized for their reputed medicinal qualities in China and southeast Asia.
Silicone Egg Poachers, pounds 4.85 for two, (www.johnlewis.com, 0845 604 9049) Made of flexible silicone, these quirky, eggshell-shaped poachers delivered the perfect round poached eggs in a lidded pan of boiling water in just four minutes.
But I always struggle to cook poached eggs properly.