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poach on (one's) territory

To encroach on an area of land or part of a market that one currently controls or has jurisdiction over. The telecom giant has launched a legal campaign against the new service in an effort to prevent it from poaching on its territory. The indigenous tribe was awarded a huge reparation payment after a federal court agreed that the government had unlawfully poached on their territory for hundreds of years.
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poach on someone's territory

encroach on someone else's rights.
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In the 1980s and '90s, Namibia trail-blazed dehorning and none of its dehorned rhinos were poached.
The Kruger National Park continues to bear the brunt of poaching with 321 rhino poached since January 1, 2013, while 54 have been killed for their horns in Limpopo, 53 in North West and 43 in KwaZulu-Natal," the DEA said in a statement.
Describe the trend in the numbers of rhinos poached from 2004 to 2007.
Finally, deep-fry the bon bons and serve three per portion with a lightly-dressed salad and topped with the poached egg.
uk, 01539 488100) This non-stick, see-through microwave poacher produced two soft poached eggs in the time that it took to make the toast.
The eggs should be poached one at a time so they do not merge together in the water.
Select an animal that is commonly poached worldwide.
Such a test could help pinpoint where African elephants are being poached and direct anti-poaching efforts to those places.
Actually, though, a surprising number of moose are poached every year, and in at least one area the practice is not only on the upswing, it's likely costing some hunters the opportunity to bag their own moose.
The antelope are poached constantly and the turtles are just hanging on by a thread," Dayton says.
As a result of these enforcement, in 1992, only 46 elephants were poached compared to 4,000 in 1989 (Kelso 1993).
In Great Smoky Mountains National Park, nearly 9,000 poached roots have been confiscated since 1992.
Under the new law, restitution penalty for a poached three-quarter-curl bighorn ram is now $30,000; for a six-point bull elk or four-point buck deer, $8,000; for a 30-inch bull moose or mountain goat, $6,000; and for a 14-inch antelope, $2,000.