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on the plus side

Considering the positive, beneficial, advantageous, etc., aspects of a situation, especially one that is or would be otherwise negative, detrimental, or disadvantageous. My wife went into labor while we were still away in Europe. The whole ordeal was really stressful, but on the plus side, our son now has EU citizenship!
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plus ça change (plus c'est la même chose)

From French, meaning "the more things change, the more they remain the same." In English, the phrase is used in reference to situations or problems that remain the same, even when people or things involved in them are different. We move into a fancy new office, and still, the server crashes all the time. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Plus ça change, eh? Even with the so-called champion of the working man in office, it's still the wealthy elite getting all the tax breaks.
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have (someone's or something's) good points

To have favorable or admirable qualities. The phrase is used especially when negative qualities are being discussed. That house has its good points, but I just don't love the neighborhood.
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have (someone's or something's) plus points

To have favorable or admirable qualities. The phrase is used especially when negative qualities are being discussed. That house has its plus points, but I just don't love the neighborhood.
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plus or minus

1. Indicating a margin above and below a certain level. The margin of error is plus or minus three points, so we're still comfortably ahead of the national average. As the report is outside of the plus or minus 2 percent tolerance threshold, the bank has decided not to go through with the deal.
2. Approximately; roughly. There were maybe 20 people there, plus or minus. You'll need plus or minus 200 feet of cable if you want to reach the other side of the house.
3. With or without. Used especially in reference to medical treatments. Our current go-to treatment is a full course of chemotherapy, plus or minus an antiemetic depending on patient tolerance.
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ne plus ultra

The peak or highest point (of something). The film is often considered the ne plus ultra of the director's oeuvre. To this day, her administration is considered the ne plus ultra of political scandal.
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plus interest

With an additional accrued amount of income, typically based on a fixed monthly percentage of the total outstanding amount. He was ordered to pay back the $3.5 million awarded to him in the case, plus interest. I need this money to keep my company afloat. I promise to pay you back in full, plus interest!
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more or less; roughly. South African
1992 Weekend Post He expected ‘plus-minus’ 1000 files would eventually be forwarded for ‘possible prosecution’.

plus or ˈminus

used when the number mentioned may actually be more or less by a particular amount: The margin of error was plus or minus three percentage points.
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plus ça ˈchange (, plus c’est la même ˈchose)

/%plu: s& "SQ~nZ; American English "SO:~Z/ (from French, saying) some things never really change, even though details such as time and people involved may be different: Despite assurances that this year’s competition would welcome new talent and new ideas, none of the newcomers have reached the final round. Plus ça change...
The meaning of the full expression in French is ‘the more it changes, the more it stays the same’.
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have your ˈgood, ˈplus, etc. points

have some good qualities or aspects: Europe has its good points, but I prefer the American way of life.She often seems rather unfriendly, but I suppose she’s got her plus points.
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ne plus ultra

Ultimate perfection, the highest point to which something can be brought. The words are Latin for “nothing further” and allegedly quoted an inscription on the Pillars of Hercules, in the Strait of Gibraltar, meant to prevent ships from going any farther. The term was taken over into English in the 1600s and with overuse became a cliché. For example, “In the fascination of young Russians for Western things, jeans are the ne plus ultra of the modish. . . .” (Collin Thubron, Among the Russians, 1983).
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ne plus ultra

The highest point of excellence, acme. Loosely translated from the Latin for “there is no reason to go further,” the phrase is a synonym of “zenith.” A new car with all the most modern features that any buyer could wish for (or so the manufacturer claims) might be touted as the ne plus ultra of automobiles. Legend has it that “ne plus ultra”—in its literal sense—was inscribed on Gibraltar's Pillars of Hercules as a warning to mariners not to venture, depending on the direction in which they were sailing, into the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea.
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Le dernier a s'en A*tre occup[beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup plus grand que]tait l'ancien ministre de l'Industrie et du commerce.
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