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plunk (someone, something, or oneself) down

To set, throw, drop, or place someone, something, or oneself heavily down to a lower level. He plunked the bag on the table and went into his room without a word. Please don't just plunk yourself down in front of the television all afternoon—I want you to play outside for at least two hours today! He threw his toy across the room, so I carried him upstairs kicking and screaming and plunked him down in bed for the night.
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plunk down

To fall or set down heavily down to a lower level. He came into the room and plunked down onto the sofa, too tired to speak. Please don't just plunk down in front of the television all afternoon—I want you to play outside for at least two hours today!
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plunk (oneself) down

to sit or fall down hard. Nancy pulled up a chair and plunked herself down. She pulled the chair up and plunked down. She plunked herself down in the middle of the kids and began to sing.
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plunk someone or something down

to place, drop, or plop someone or something down hard. He picked her up and plunked her down in a chair and began to shout at her. Sally plunked down the book in anger.
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plunk down

Throw or place or drop heavily, as in He plunked down the money and walked out, or It was hot work, so after an hour we plunked ourselves down in the shade. [Late 1800s]
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At the same moment of Plunker's recollection, atop a nearby hill, in the announced meshing of fateful lives, Nancy Petticot of Nanticoke, Virginia had planned her day.
Plunker, in the distance, studied the game from the blow-down, mesmerized at first.
Reflecting on the immediate and continuing efforts of Plunker staff and volunteers, Feld said "we were out delivering a Plunket service very quickly and we are still delivering services, sometimes in very difficult circumstances.
At the end of April, Turner attended the 8th annual conference of the Northern Ireland Community Nursing Network in Belfast, where she presented a workshop about her work with Plunker. Of particular interest to her was a presentation by Cardiff University research fellow Lisa Cotes on designing a professional and parent toolbox for preventing serious injury to babies.
(1) The Plunker Society promotes a socio-ecological model of health needs assessment, which involves considering biological, social, cultural, economic and environmental determinants of health, alongside clinical findings.
The Alsea was producing fish last week as was the Siuslaw, and plunkers were getting fish on the Umpqua.
"We see basically four types of shooter: serious target shooters, hunters, what I call 'plunkers' and a few black powder shooters.
A hardcore of persistent plunkers were to blame for most of the truancy as two per cent of the school roll accounted for half of all days missed.
The main Umpqua River branch has been high, but plunkers are intercepting some nice fish.
Reports of excellent fishing on the Chetco River came from steelhead plunkers during the last high water event."
Umpqua River drift fishing is best at water levels of 3.5 to five feet on the Elkton gauge, but plunkers catch fish at depths of up to 12 feet.
In those conditions, "plunkers" can sometimes still catch fish, but boat fishing is out of the question.
Other coastal rivers: The Alsea River also looks promising through the end of the week, and the Siuslaw and mainstem Umpqua rivers are projected to remain above ideal drift-fishing levels, but OK for plunkers.
Plunkers find the river most fishable at 6 to 10 feet.