plunk down

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plunk (someone, something, or oneself) down

To set, throw, drop, or place someone, something, or oneself heavily down to a lower level. He plunked the bag on the table and went into his room without a word. Please don't just plunk yourself down in front of the television all afternoon—I want you to play outside for at least two hours today! He threw his toy across the room, so I carried him upstairs kicking and screaming and plunked him down in bed for the night.
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plunk down

To fall or set down heavily down to a lower level. He came into the room and plunked down onto the sofa, too tired to speak. Please don't just plunk down in front of the television all afternoon—I want you to play outside for at least two hours today!
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plunk (oneself) down

to sit or fall down hard. Nancy pulled up a chair and plunked herself down. She pulled the chair up and plunked down. She plunked herself down in the middle of the kids and began to sing.
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plunk someone or something down

to place, drop, or plop someone or something down hard. He picked her up and plunked her down in a chair and began to shout at her. Sally plunked down the book in anger.
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plunk down

Throw or place or drop heavily, as in He plunked down the money and walked out, or It was hot work, so after an hour we plunked ourselves down in the shade. [Late 1800s]
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Of course, if you want an off-the-shelf, precision-machined, "one-and-one-half-inch" model 1911, treat yourself to one of Ed Brown's fine 1911's, or do some very serious shopping around before you plunk down your hard-earned cash.
"People are not going to plunk down $9 to see a movie by someone they despise," said one commentator.
So plunk down your $29.95 and get ready for an interesting trip.
Consumers of both fair trade and organic foods, their proponents say, tend to be socially conscious people willing to plunk down the extra dollars.
People who enjoy breathing have a lot to worry about: Bush plans to weaken pollution-control requirements for utilities and plunk down 1,300 new power plants nationwide.
Well, if you've got a lot of wire to run, plunk down $20 for the PowerFast CableTacker.
The left-wing Italian daily Il Manifesto was more caustic, carrying a cartoon on its front page showing Bush with his eyes closed, ready to plunk down his finger randomly on a spinning globe, under the caption "Ready to Strike."
They are also homebuyers who don't want to plunk down a full $4 million to $10 million purchase price for a luxury house or apartment that they might use only 45 days out of the year.
When other industries develop new products that people want--personal computers, say, or cell phones--we typically laud them for their innovation and willingly plunk down our money.
New Yorkers will have to plunk down 15 cents more apiece for The New York Times starting Sept.
"You don't just plunk down one of these machines on the floor and say here I am," cautions Ferromatik's Hare.
Before you run out and plunk down some $250 for one of the new models, you should know some facts.
Interior designers rub shoulders with manufacturers, facility managers, gallery owners, retail buyers, and on the last day, when the fair is open to the public, anyone willing to plunk down $20 to see the newest high-style furniture around.
Those who plunk down money for his autobiography ought to be reminded the man is slippery with the truth.
Nor is this substitution an intensely radical gesture as Warhol himself could easily have painted Barbra--the portraits were what Andy did for spending money, available to anyone who wanted to plunk down $25,000.