plunk down

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plunk (someone, something, or oneself) down

To set, throw, drop, or place someone, something, or oneself heavily down to a lower level. He plunked the bag on the table and went into his room without a word. Please don't just plunk yourself down in front of the television all afternoon—I want you to play outside for at least two hours today! He threw his toy across the room, so I carried him upstairs kicking and screaming and plunked him down in bed for the night.
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plunk down

To fall or set down heavily down to a lower level. He came into the room and plunked down onto the sofa, too tired to speak. Please don't just plunk down in front of the television all afternoon—I want you to play outside for at least two hours today!
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plunk (oneself) down

to sit or fall down hard. Nancy pulled up a chair and plunked herself down. She pulled the chair up and plunked down. She plunked herself down in the middle of the kids and began to sing.
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plunk someone or something down

to place, drop, or plop someone or something down hard. He picked her up and plunked her down in a chair and began to shout at her. Sally plunked down the book in anger.
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plunk down

Throw or place or drop heavily, as in He plunked down the money and walked out, or It was hot work, so after an hour we plunked ourselves down in the shade. [Late 1800s]
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Before you run out and plunk down some $250 for one of the new models, you should know some facts.
On December 14 and 15, investors from across the country will plunk down $50,000 to become bidders at one of the largest government-sponsored auctions in history.
Those who plunk down money for his autobiography ought to be reminded the man is slippery with the truth.
Nor is this substitution an intensely radical gesture as Warhol himself could easily have painted Barbra--the portraits were what Andy did for spending money, available to anyone who wanted to plunk down $25,000.
Avati's aging fanbase will undoubtedly plunk down their coins, and TV rotation is assured, but this won't travel beyond national borders.
48 hours to plunk down a financial deposit if it wants to get the contract to develop Iran's third mobile telephone system.
Well, what show-business lover wouldn't plunk down good money to watch a severely botched rendition of ``To be or not to be'' or see a poor sap offer up a dramatic reading of Wang Chung's ``Everybody Have Fun Tonight''?
Be proactive: Just because you plunk down your membership dues doesn't mean you'll start reaping the rewards.
By the way, if you're reading this at a bookstore, please go directly to the register and plunk down your [yen] 800.
With Bush opting out of federal election funding and its associated spending limits to plunder the GOP cash machine, Rubin's ability to plunk down $50 million could be decisive.
The federal environmental authorities, especially those at the Instituto Nacional de Ecologia (INE)--the federal agency charged with environmental regulation, who had urged Metalclad to plunk down money and issued permits, ran for cover when Metalclad's project encountered local opposition.
I may not be as lucky as Dante, who had Virgil as his guide in The Divine Comedy, but down at the local bookstore I can plunk down my credit card and take home the wit and wisdom of the best self-help gurus in the business.
So while any 12-year-old can legally plunk down $20 to buy Miss America, if that same youngster reads a profanity-laced quote from the book on the Internet - say, one from Nick Gillespie's March review of the book on REASON's World Wide Web page - Nick (or Editor Virginia Postrel) could go to the slammer.
As the accompanying directory shows, a varied lot of RP technologies has become available on a service-bureau basis--a real boon to smaller manufacturers unwilling to plunk down the money for their own systems.