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plunk (someone, something, or oneself) down

To set, throw, drop, or place someone, something, or oneself heavily down to a lower level. He plunked the bag on the table and went into his room without a word. Please don't just plunk yourself down in front of the television all afternoon—I want you to play outside for at least two hours today! He threw his toy across the room, so I carried him upstairs kicking and screaming and plunked him down in bed for the night.
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plunk down

To fall or set down heavily down to a lower level. He came into the room and plunked down onto the sofa, too tired to speak. Please don't just plunk down in front of the television all afternoon—I want you to play outside for at least two hours today!
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plunk (oneself) down

to sit or fall down hard. Nancy pulled up a chair and plunked herself down. She pulled the chair up and plunked down. She plunked herself down in the middle of the kids and began to sing.
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plunk someone or something down

to place, drop, or plop someone or something down hard. He picked her up and plunked her down in a chair and began to shout at her. Sally plunked down the book in anger.
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plunk down

Throw or place or drop heavily, as in He plunked down the money and walked out, or It was hot work, so after an hour we plunked ourselves down in the shade. [Late 1800s]
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Because second-degree assault is a Measure 11 crime, Plunk will have to serve the entire 70-month sentence for that crime.
We're here just a little bit early, but it is good to be here and get established," Plunk says.
The ability to the vary the flows will allow us to conserve water and therefore provide us more operating time before having to refill the tanks," said Plunk.
But Plunk testified in March that no robbery was planned.
A Lane County jury in March found Plunk not guilty of four felony charges related to an alleged robbery at a Dutch.
Combs was tied to Eugene's Westside Gang, according to some witnesses at Plunk's trial, and Plunk described himself as an "inactive member" of the gang.
He said two members of the 12-person jury voted against acquitting Plunk.
Brandon Lee Plunk wept as Lane County Circuit Judge Karsten Rasmussen read aloud the jury's verdict.
Plunk this guy down in any landscape, and he'll overturn the one rock with the scariest creepy crawlers under it.
Before you plunk down more money, check what coverage your credit cards, health, life, medical and homeowner's insurance already offer, especially if you're traveling outside the country, advises Jeff Bredenberg, editor of Beat The System: 1,200 Tips for Coming Out on Top in Every Deal and Transaction (Rodale Press; $27.
A jury will resume deliberations Monday morning in the robbery and attempted murder trial of Brandon Lee Plunk, accused of being the accomplice of a man shot dead by a barista during an alleged armed robbery at a campus area coffee stand last Thanksgiving Eve.
Brandon Lee Plunk testified in his own defense Thursday afternoon, telling jurors in his attempted murder trial that after ducking behind a shed to relieve himself last Thanksgiving Eve, he emerged to watch through a coffee kiosk drive-up window as a barista fatally shot his friend inside the kiosk.