plunge into (something)

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plunge into (something)

1. Literally, to dive into or immerse oneself in a mass of something, typically a body of water. He plunged into the river to find relief from the heat. The detective plunged into the crowd of people in pursuit of the suspect.
2. By extension, to immerse oneself in or become consumed by some activity. The new team plunged into the project, hoping to salvage the work that had already been done.
See also: plunge

plunge something into someone or something

 and plunge something in
to drive or stab something into someone or something. The murderer plunged the knife into his victim. She plunged in the dagger.
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plunge into

1. To fall or dive into some place or thing: I jumped off the diving board and plunged into the warm water.
2. To thrust or throw something forcefully into some place or thing: I plunged the shovel into the soil.
3. To enter earnestly or wholeheartedly into some activity or situation: After the vacation, I plunged into my studies with renewed energy.
4. To send someone or something into some condition or situation: My gambling losses plunged me into debt.
5. To fall into some state or condition: After my divorce, I plunged into a deep depression.
See also: plunge
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That creative but difficult and expensive process can be revived, depending on existing conditions and the courage to plunge into something formidable and expensive.
But if they decide to plunge into something serious, why not ?
"I do daytime TV reading emails out and the lottery and so for me this is a complete plunge into something scary.
If you try to plunge into something too fast, you can quickly get into trouble."
He added: "The offer I have received is time limited and I have decided to take the plunge into something new."