plunge from

plunge from (something)

To fall or plummet down from something at a high and often uncontrollable speed. The man somehow gained access to the roof and plunged from the top of the skyscraper.
See also: plunge

plunge from something

to fall or flee from something or some place. The eagle plunged from the sky to the lake to capture its prey. Lily plunged from the room in embarrassment.
See also: plunge
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The TD-1 decline shaft in the Trinidad area has been redesigned to follow a syncline hinge zone down plunge from the collar rather than straight down dip oblique to the hinge zones.
In 2003, two deep holes were drilled 450 metres down plunge from the deepest workings of the former Ming Mine.
A second hole designed to test 240 metres down plunge from the deepest historic drill intercept across the Ming Footwall Zone strayed off-axis but nonetheless returned four mineralized intervals of 53.
DDH MB-99-110 was drilled to test the copper-gold rich Upper West Zone, 130m down plunge from DDH MB-99-107, which results were released July 5, 1999.