plunge down

plunge down (something)

To fall or plummet down something at a high and often uncontrollable speed. The bus skidded on the ice and plunged down the side of the ravine. The roller coaster plunged down the near-vertical drop, making everyone on board scream with delighted terror.
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plunge down something

to run or fall down something. The car plunged down the hill and ran into a tree at the bottom. The bicyclist plunged down the side of the hill at a great speed.
See also: down, plunge
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Witnesses say the ground crumbled away beneath the victim's feet, causing him to plunge down the 300ft cliff.
The affects of radiative cooling will cause temperatures in northern Taiwan to dip to 11 degrees, while eastern Taiwan could see 10 degrees and open areas could plunge down to 8 or 9 degrees.
As the monthly averages below show, the hump up in the first quarter and the plunge down in the second quarter canceled each other out and the price is now back where it started.
The truck had flipped out of control and was about to plunge down a 200ft gorge when a punctured tyre and some torn sheet metal near the fuel tank brought it to a precarious halt.
A CARDIFF mum has spoken of her terror at watching her baby's pram plunge down a flight of stairs.
The factory supplied the truck, which with nine adults sitting in it weighed more than three tonnes, and his shoes weighed 162kg A German man survived a 25ft plunge down a lift shaft when he landed on a woman who had fallen down it a day before.
A BOY who cheated death after a 30ft plunge down a down a gorge has suffered another blow.
A 65-YEAR-OLD hill walker was said to be lucky to be alive after surviving a night in the open on freezing cold fells and a plunge down a 30ft cliff.
Whisper it, but after his plunge down the rankings from 4 to 246 the hard grind with new coach David Leadbetter appears to be paying off.
As you plunge down, the disk spins in an opposite direction beneath your skis.
Whereas the buildings of, say, Frank Gehry or Daniel Libeskind pay little attention to gravity and can rear up into the sky and plunge down toward the ground almost at random, Hadid's tend to hug the ground.
Kirk and Clarke will have to work together to arrest an alarming slump in form which has seen the Fifers plunge down to the relegation danger zone.
Doris first dropped into the record books last year by taking the 220ft plunge down a 17-storey building in the city.
IT could rank as the trickiest piece of downhill skiing ever - a 300-foot plunge down the "up" escalator at a London tube station.
Six games without a win has seen the Sky Blues plunge down the Championship table.