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plump for (someone or something)

To actively support someone or something. Don't say a bad word about that candidate to Mary—she's been plumping for him all year.
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plump for someone or something

to support or promote someone or something. Henry spent a lot of energy plumping for Bill, who was running for vice president. She spent a lot of time plumping for our candidate.
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plump something down

1. to drop a heavy load of something. She plumped the load of groceries onto the bench and looked through her purse for the keys. Jill plumped down her packages.
2. to drop something as if it were a heavy load. He plumped the potatoes down on each plate, making a loud noise each time. Dave plumped down a huge slab of meat onto the grill.
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plump something up

to pat or shake something like a pillow into a fuller shape. Todd plumped his pillow up and finished making the bed. He plumped up his pillow.
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plump up

1. To become more plump or chubby: I went off my diet and immediately plumped up.
2. To make something rounded or full in form: We plumped up the dried cherries by soaking them in water. The nurse brought me a pillow and plumped it up before putting it behind my head.
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The combination of fresh air, the ever present threat of toppling into a prickly ditch or over a stone wall, and the temptation of eating the plumpest berries while you work, and wondering why, oh why the best fruit is always just out of reach, is one of the great joys of late summer.
By no means the plumpest I've every encountered but nevertheless packed with flavour and beautifully presented.
They always use the best organic ingredients, picked when at their plumpest and sweetest, and have been doing so for over 50 years.
If you're growing sweetcorn for the first time, you may be wondering about the best time to harvest the cobs while they're at their plumpest and juiciest and before they begin to go over.
If you''re growing it for the first time, you may be wondering about the best time to harvest the cobs while they''re at their plumpest and juiciest and before they begin to go over.
Now set in a modern purification plant on the quay Conwy Mussel Company boasts the plumpest mussels to be found.
One particular nasty assignment for a sunny day was to dig up and transport back to school about a dozen of the plumpest, wiggliest of the species.
Are you one of those people who likes to choose the greenest peas, the plumpest apricots and the straightest cucumbers?
Most of her novels are chunky affairs - but her plumpest volume has to be her bank book.
The shiniest, reddest, plumpest fruit can be picked after careful deliberation.
Peaches are at their plumpest and summer berries at their ripest this time of year.
Our junior suite featured a huge bed with the plumpest pillows and duvet imaginable, two TVs, sitting area with desk and sofa and a huge marble bathroom with deep tub and walk-in rainshower, plus complimentary champagne and chocolates.
And if you like seafood, just take a bucket and a rake at low tide and you can find some of the plumpest, juiciest, tastiest cockles anywhere in Wales.
The organisation not for profit, don't forget is English football's plumpest punchbag.